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Home Safety Hub

Personal Emergency Response

Giving people, their families, and caregivers a feeling of enhanced confidence and safety is what Numera personal emergency response system (PERS) products are all about. Whether you are an active and healthy senior, a lone worker, or someone concerned about personal security – all can confidently go about their daily lives with the assurance they have instant access to help when the need arises when using our medical alert systems.

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The Numera® PERS-4200X medical alert system works together with its compatible PERS wearables and home sensors from the Numera Home Safety Hub (SSC00101). This suite of personal emergency response system products combines information from sensing devices like CO and smoke detectors, motion detectors, and activity sensors with alerts from wearable personal emergency response devices in a single Personal Emergency Response Solution (PERS) console for seniors or others needing support while living alone. Having a personal emergency alert device on you at all times ensures your safety and security should a medical emergency arise.

The Numera  PERS-4200X console brings forth a new and scalable next generation all-in-one Personal Emergency Reporting System. Numera from Nortek Security & Control, leveraging its Linear  PERS legacy and integrating with 2GIG  home control sensors, has developed a smart home personal security and safety ecosystem with options to suit any customer who is looking for the best tools for independent living.

With complementary lightweight wearables and an upgradeable ecosystem, the Numera Home Safety Hub suite of products ensures a safer and more protected home. With the included Personal Help Button Pendant, assistance is just a discreet button push away, and with automatic alerts of a potential fire or a fall in the home via 2GIG home sensors, help is summoned even when the user cannot react.

The hub combines information from sensing devices like CO and smoke detectors, motion and door-window sensors. Includes alerts from wireless
personal emergency sensors and wearables in a single PERS
console for seniors or others needing support while living alone.

Enhanced Personal Safety

The upgraded Numera® PERS-4200X console (SSC00100) with 4G LTE Module is a stationary personal emergency response device that can be used with either landline or cellular module. The console features upgradeable firmware with configurable “night-time,” “do-not disturb” and personalized activity windows for easy operation. Other key features include a wireless personal wearable transmitter with a range up to 1000 ft, two-way voice capability, a 24-hour back-up battery and an illuminated help button that will connect you to emergency personnel right away.

How It Works

Numera® PERS-4200X

  • Connectivity Hub: connects wirelessly with 2GIG  home sensors, and personal emergency wearables
  • Connected Care: delivers user and environmental data to a user’s family and care team
  • Peace of Mind: automatic fall detection to provide 24×7 support even when nobody is around
  • Versatile: the PERS-4200X console can be used standalone or with a 4G LTE cellular module


  • Voice Support 2-way voice capability with mobile terminated voice cap
  • Powerful Speaker Extended range coverage, family can talk to you even if you can’t get to a phone or pendant
  • Transmitter Range Up to 1,000 ft, no antenna required
  • RF Frequency 345 MHz
  • Receiver type Dual diversity
  • Upgradable Firmware Yes
  • Local Programming USB Port for upgradeable firmware
  • Communicator Formats Ademco CID, 4*2 Report Format, Report Format


  • Illuminated Help Button Easy to see at night
  • Connections Input telephone jack, USB port, proprietary connectors for modules
  • 4G LTE Module Optional AT&T and Telus module
  • Indicators Help, Clear, Home, Power Off
  • Back-up Battery 24 hours
  • Dimensions 6.4 in L * 6.3 in W * 2.75 in H
  • Regulatory UL 1635, UL 1637, UL985, ETL
  • Reliability Testing Full system auto-testing

Personal Safety Wearables (345 MHz)

  • 2GIG-F1-345 Fall Detector Pendant A configurable personal safety wearable with advanced fall detection leveraging Numera  Libris  fall algorithms
  • 2GIG-PHB1-345 Convertable Personal Help Button Convertible model with option to be worn as a lanyard pendant or on the wrist


  • 4G LTE Module enables wireless connection
  • PERS-LTEA-4200X (USA)
  • PERS-LTET-4200X (Canada)

Home Sensors (2GIG 345MHz sensors)

  • 2GIG-SMKT8-345 Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector
  • 2GIG-CO8-345 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Activity sensors including 2GIG-PIR1-345 and 2GIG-DW10-345

Additional information

Dimensions 6.4 × 6.3 × 2.75 cm

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