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The Smart Thermostat can help you save energy with no guesswork. It can integrate into your smart home security system and do more than other smart thermostats because it has more information about what’s going on inside and outside your home. This enables it to take smarter actions that translate to comfort and energy savings.


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You can use geo-services to let your smart security system know that you’re on your way home. This will allow your thermostat to adjust to the correct temperature while you’re driving home still.

The Smart Thermostat knows right away when you have left the home. This is thanks to your security system’s status and a geo-services. While stand-alone thermostats are still wondering why there is no motion in the room they’re in, this thermostat is already saving you money.

Additionally, a big cause of wasted energy is running your AC when a window or door is open. Standalone thermostats would have no idea if a few windows were opened. The smart thermostat knows if you’ve chosen to leave windows open and can set back its temperature automatically.


  • With access to real time weather data, the smart thermostat can even adjust automatically on extremely hot or cold days.
  • Compatible with demand response programs from utility companies
  • Can reduce the risk of smoke and co poisoning
  • If your monitored smoke detectors or co detectors go into alarm, the thermostat can automatically shut down.
  • Compatible with your Temperature Sensors


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