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Simple Security Package

Looking for a simple home security system? Rest easier knowing your home and the people you care about are protected by award-winning BSG.

Need Equipment? Basic Smart Security

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    Purchase Home Security the Way YOU Want!

    At BSG we give you choices when it comes to selecting the type of services needed when you need it.
    No high pressure salespeople trying to sell you what they want to sell and not what you want to buy!

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    No Contract
    • $49.95 Smart Monitoring
    • $54.95 Automation Monitoring
    • $59.95 View Monitoring
    • Optional Legacy Security Monitoring – No Phone APP Access
    • $19.95 Cellular Monitoring
    • $14.95 Phone Line Monitoring

    Save 25%monthly
    • $39.95 Smart Monitoring
    • $44.95 Full Automation Control & Monitoring
    • $49.95 Full Automation Control, Camera Access & Monitoring

    Save 40%monthly
    • $29.95 Smart Monitoring
    • $44.95 Full Automation Control & Monitoring
    • $49.95 Full Automation Control, Camera Access & Monitoring

    Is Your Security Still on a Phone Line?

    Upgrade to Wireless Internet or Cellular Monitoring!*

    Keep your home protected and your family safe with a complete Wireless Security System and BSG’s award winning support!

    *Includes installation and equipment for BSG’s Simple Security package, monthly agreement monitoring fee and enrollment in auto pay.  

    Why You Need A Wireless Security System

    A wireless security system and monitoring will ensure you, your family and your assets are protected in the future as land lines become underutilized. These new security systems and wireless monitoring allow for remote control for arming/disarming system, locking and unlocking doors, knowing when the kids come home, knowing when packages are delivered, alerts when there are activities, and much more while you are on the go. The future of security will continually become more advanced, so now is the time to upgrade.

    Why You Need Wireless Security Monitoring

    • Still protects you even if electricity is shut down (within limits of backup battery)
    • Phone lines can be cut by perpetrators
    • Prevents interruptions when phone carrier changes from analog to digital
    • Place window, door and motion sensors where wires cannot be installed
    • Connect with your home security via any mobile device
    • Phone lines are no longer the primary source of communications over digital, cellular and wi-fi
    • Even if you want to keep your wired system, it is recommended to upgrade to a wireless security system as a backup. This will help you potentially avoid issues if your power goes out for phone system fails for any reason.

    Need A Smart Security Systems

    Make life easier at home all while securing your property and gaining peace of mind with the Qolsys IQ2 Security & Home Automation Control Panel. As a powerful hub that supports Z-Wave and security and automation devices, this control panel supports up to 60 wireless zones, one hardwire zone, eSeries encrypted sensors, and features a sleek mo