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We offer the best in smart home security and video surveillance at the best local price.  Have peace of mind knowing your family and your home are secured.



#1 Home Security & Alarm Monitoring

Trusted San Antonio Home Security Systems & Protection You Can Count On

We service all over San Antonio and Austin areas and install the, access smart door locks, and energy saving thermostat as part of our smart security packages. You deserve remote access, protection and home management all from your phone. Being a local security alarm dealer you know that your money stays right here in Texas .

Home Security System Installation in San Antonio & Austin

See what is happening in and around your home with our wired or wireless security cameras. Whether you need one camera or a 32 camera system with multiple DVR’s we have you covered for your home or business. One thing about BSG’s Security Options is we have the experience of the big guys, but we’re based locally in Texas.

Smart Locks

Video Doorbell

Smart Shades

Garage Doors

Smart Lights

Smart Thermostats

Choose the Home Security Package that is Right for Your Budget and Lifestyle

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Have a dog?

That’s okay! We have pet sensitive motion detectors that work to make sure your family friend doesn’t set off your alarm when you’re sleeping or away.

Does it work with my smart phone?

It is compatible with iPhone or Android. We can set you up with the apps you need to watch over and control your house or commercial property. All at your fingertips.

Will this save me money?

Yes it will! There are a couple of ways this can save you money. First off, if you ask your insurance company there is a good chance they will give you a discount of up to 20% just for having a burglar alarm system. Second, you can control your thermostat as well as other appliances from your phone. The average person can spend over $7,000 a month on utilities and household costs. If you manage your energy right, saving money will be a breeze. Not to mention avoiding the potential of the costs of getting robbed.

Does it protect against identity theft?

Our service doesn’t just protect and control your home. It also protects you from identity theft. Some reports say that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and up to 19 fall people victim a minute.

What are monitoring hours?

We monitor our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long has BSG been in business?

We have serviced over 20,000 customers and been in business for over 27 years.

How can I get started?

Just give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll run a credit check and if you pass and you own your home we’ll schedule and appointment at your earliest convenience.

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All product prices include professional installation by a licensed technician.

Make life easier at home all while securing your property and gaining peace of mind with Smart Home Security System & Home Automation Control Panels. Powerful hubs that supports Z-Wave, security and automation devices designed to become the foundation for a comprehensive system. These security panels work with any Z-Wave device from any certified Z-Wave manufacturer. Use to manage Z-Wave, security sensors, lights, locks, thermostats, appliances and more.

Whole Home Protection

Whole Home Protection

Protect on The Go.

Make your home work for you.
Arm your home security system and control your lights, locks, cameras, and more directly from your phone.

Protect on The Go.

Security Cameras

Welcome to the 21st century. You can pull out your phone and instantly monitor what’s happening inside and outside of your home from your security cameras.

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Fire, Home & Safety

BSG offers a full suite of home security systems including smart fire and carbon monoxide detectors, water sensors and remote accessible thermostats.


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