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Smart Thermostats

Save on energy by using a SMART Thermostat. Easily set schedules, automate the system to turn off if a door is propped open for a set period, lock the system so it can’t be adjusted by others, and even auto set a temperature for when the security system is disarmed.



Save Energy with a Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat takes the guess-work out of saving energy, and lets your home act for you – based on your location, activity, and even the weather conditions. The Smart Thermostat allows you to set location based rules using’s Geo-Services, so your thermostat can dial down to an energy saving temperature when you leave, and begin re-adjusting to the perfect temperature when it senses that you’re on the way home.

Our Smart Thermostats are energy-saving and enormously beneficial for homeowners in San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. These programmable thermostats feature Z-Wave compatibility so you can use your smartphone or tablet to set the perfect room temperature from around the block or around the world. You can also create temperature schedules to help you conserve energy and save money.


smart thermostats
Smart Thermostat

The Smarter Thermostat

Unlike any typical thermostat, our smart thermostats uniquely protect your home from various maintenance issues in addition to providing other money-saving benefits. The innovative features of our smarter thermostats include:

Improve Your Home with a Smart Thermostat

Be sure to integrate your smart thermostat with your home automation system from BSG. With our home automation systems, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling temperature settings in conjunction with your smart lighting, security system, voice controls, and other home automation devices.

Stay in control of it all with one mobile app. Adjust your thermostat on the go, turn schedules on or off, or change to home or away mode for extended savings.


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Whole Home Protection

Whole Home Protection

Protect on The Go.

Make your home work for you.
Arm your home security system and control your lights, locks, cameras, and more directly from your phone.

Protect on The Go.

Security Cameras

Welcome to the 21st century. You can pull out your phone and instantly monitor what’s happening inside and outside of your home from your security cameras.

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Fire, Home & Safety

BSG offers a full suite of home security systems including smart fire and carbon monoxide detectors, water sensors and remote accessible thermostats.