Are you getting the most out of your home security system?

If you’re not sure how to answer this question, we’d like to offer you a few little known ways you can adjust your home security system to maximize protection of your belongings.

First of all, to apply these tweaks, you’ll have to have a basic understanding of how your security systems works.

Essentially, the piece of equipment that you can use to ramp up your home’s security is the wireless window/door sensor. You’ll see these sensors on your main entry/door and/or windows in your house. When your window or door is opened, the circuit is opened and the alarm is triggered (if your alarm is set). Otherwise, you’ll know the circuit is opened by hearing the signature “beep-beep” coming from your keypad (if you have the chime setting enabled).

These sensors are an excellent way to keep the external pathways protected in your home, but here a few hidden places around your home that you can also apply these sensors to keep an eye on your possessions.

Gun Cabinets and Safes

These may seem like fairly “safe” places but what if someone were to learn your combination or gain access to your keys? Putting a wireless window/door sensor on the inside of the door of your gun cabinet or safe is a great way to keep track of who/when these places are being accessed.

You could even set these specific sensors to trigger your alarm, if you so choose.

Medicine or Liquor Cabinets

Have younger children or frequent guests in your home? Worried about someone stealing your prescription medicine? Place a wireless door sensor on the inside of your medicine or liquor cabinets to ensure that your medicine and/or liquor doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Storage Sheds or other External Buildings

Have a pool house or a storage shed? Although these locations aren’t connected to your home, they still can be covered by your home’s security system as long as they are within range of your system. If your not sure if they are close enough to be in range of your system, consult a security expert.

Not Just For Homes

All of these same ideas could be applied to your business location as well. Whether you’re a thrift store in San Antonio, a local moving company or an restaurant, you’ll always have locations where you want a little extra protection.