Benefits of a Smart Home

If you’re one of the approximately 77 percent of Americans who own a smartphone, you’ve probably wondered how you ever got by without it — we use them for everything from listening to music and getting directions to doing our banking and downloading concert tickets. But you might not know that smart home technology can change the way you and your family live — for the better.

What Is a Smart House?

The term “smart home” refers to a house with interconnected systems and devices such as heating and cooling, appliances, electronics, security and lighting. A smart house also features home automation that facilitates the control of these systems with minimal human intervention. You can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer to monitor the performance of these connected systems and make adjustments to the settings as needed.

Why Is a Smart Home Important?

Transitioning to a smart home does require an upfront expenditure on equipment and technology. However, most homeowners discover that their initial investment results in many short-term as well as long-term benefits. The advantages of smart home technology include:

How to Make Your House a Smart House

It pays to do some research before making the switch to smart home technology. Read up on the all the available products to target the ones that make the most sense for your property. You also don’t have to make the plunge all at once — you can start small and add as you go. For example, something as simple as installing a programmable smart thermostat allows you to experiment without making a significant investment. You can also purchase a wireless doorbell camera at an extremely affordable price.

BSG Can Handle All Your Smart Home Needs

BSG has been helping homeowners throughout San Antonio and Austin keep their properties safe for over 25 years. We can equip your house with the latest smart home technologies at a budget-friendly price. We can install automated lighting and smart thermostats, camera and video doorbells and smart door locks, and other advanced equipment and devices. Contact us (855) 697-6278 to learn more about the benefits of smart home technology and to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.