Holidays are coming up and most of us will be traveling out of town.  Many of us have a furry or feathered friend at home, such as a dog, cat, bird or hamster. But who’s looking out for them while you’re away?

Most people are aware of the dangers carbon monoxide presents toward humans, but may not even think about CO poisoning their pets until it’s too late.

CO sensors alert the presence of this toxic gas before a serious situation occurs, but what if you aren’t home to hear the alarm sound…and your pets are? Having a monitored sensor through your alarm system could help save the lives of your family and your pets. A monitored CO sensor from BSG will activate your alarm and send a signal to the monitoring center, which will then alert you and the necessary authorities of the issue.

If you already have CO sensors, be sure to check the manufacturer specifications regarding the sensor’s lifespan. The average lifespan for CO detectors is 5 to 7 years and after that, they should be replaced. An outdated sensor is unreliable and can trigger false alarms or completely fail, so check yours regularly.

While CO sensors are important to human and Pet Safety, so are smoke sensors. All homes and offices should have smoke sensors that will sound an audible alarm if smoke is present. But if you’re away from home, you’ll be relying on a neighbor or passer-by to spot the fire from the outside and contact authorities. And by then it may be too late to save your property and pets.

One of BSG’s most sought after items is a monitored smoke sensor, which will alert dispatchers immediately if smoke is detected in your home. They will, in turn, notify you and the proper authorities of the situation, giving your pets a better chance of getting removed from dangerous situations.

With BSG, you have the ability to customize a security system that will help keep you and your furry best friend safe. And you’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing that BSG is looking out for your pet, too.

If you have any questions regarding CO and smoke sensors or would like to add monitored sensors to your alarm system, call 855-MYSMARTHOME or email [email protected].