Top Family Guard Dogs by State 1

Man’s best friend. The beast at the threshold. A member of the family. A family dog can be a very effective addition when seeking to secure your home and loved ones.

But which dog breeds are most effective at helping to keep burglars at bay? At BSG, an Premier Authorized Provider, we took Certapet’s recent picks for top guard dogs and input those breeds into Google trend data to discover the most favored protective canines in America. Take a sniff at our list of the most popular guard dog breeds in each state.

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 2


With roots as guard dogs for Japanese royalty, the Akita breed has a strong and powerful stance with a large head and alert eyes, making it appear ready for anything. Affectionate with family members but aloof with newcomers, the Akita makes for a dependable companion and effective family guard dog.

-> Most popular in: Arizona, Hawaii

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 3

American Pit Bull Terrier

While Pit Bulls have been given unfair side glances for years for being subjected to illegal training as fighters, this is not their natural disposition. Friendly, submissive, and cuddly with their “pack,” this athletic breed makes for fantastic family pets and guard dogs with their visibly strong jaws and deep, loud barks.

-> Most popular in: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 4

American Staffordshire Terrier

Like the Pit Bull, the American Staffordshire Terrier was once bred for dog fighting, but aggressive tendencies have since been bred away. Though friendly and affectionate to its people, this breed’s secure demeanor, muscular build, and buoyant stride still make it an imposing presence to an outsider.

-> Most popular in: Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 5

Belgian Tervuren

 These intelligent, attentive, curious herding dogs are full of energy and eager to work. Belgian Tervurens possess a confident personality and a dense fur coat, making them perfect for actively protecting homes with big yards in even the most frigid winter climates.

-> Most popular in: Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 6


 Originally bred as a property-guarding dog in South Africa, the Boerboel is a self confident, athletic, reliable breed with a brave disposition and intuitive protectiveness over what it regards as its territory. The Boerboel makes for a fantastic home protector.

-> Most popular in: District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 7


 This energetic, athletic breed is playful and lighthearted with family but can be a daunting presence to outsiders with its bounding gait and muscular frame. When given sufficient exercise and training, Boxers make for faithful, fun, and active guardians.

-> Most popular in: Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Top Family Guard Dogs by State 8

Cane Corso

 Equipped with a large, muscular build, intent eyes, and sizable head and neck, this Italian property-guarding breed displays an assured, dominant air sure to garner alarm in a potential burglar. Their reserve toward outsiders combined with affection for their owners makes the Cane Corso w