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Important Information!

BSG wired your home using network technology standards and requires specific instructions on how to connect your home properly. Most internet service providers are unaware of how your home is networked and will need further information for proper installation of internet and or television services.

Conceals drywall cutout imperfections for clean plastic enclosure installations

Enhanced Design. Wi-Fi Ready.

Conceals drywall cutout imperfections for clean plastic enclosure installations

USA-made and Wi-Fi ready, our all-new plastic enclosures continue to lead the industry with evolved features and enhancements, making it faster and easier than ever to consolidate, organize and distribute both wired and wireless services, from voice and video to data, without interruption.

Enhanced Features

Cable Management Knockouts

Top knockouts allow for simple on-site installation and easy management of cables running to the enclosure. Bottom knockouts enable installation of surge or AC outlets to power active devices. Include screwdriver holes for easy removal.

Tool-less Hinged Door

New reversible hinged door snaps quickly and easily into place without the use of tools. Swings 180 degrees for optimal installation space.

Integrated Trim Ring

Each enclosure model includes a trim ring for FREE. Integrated with the hinged door, the trim ring conceals messy drywall cutouts to achieve a clean, professional look.

Security Options

Hinged door includes a knockout to install the compatible key and lock option. This option is ideal to keep components safe in-between drywall installations and before commissioning.

Thermal Management

Extra venting on door allows for superior heat dissipation, ensuring longevity and reliability of components inside.

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