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Secure Your Deliveries with Home Video Surveillance: Keep Package Theft at Bay!

Secure Your Deliveries with Home Video Surveillance: Keep Package Theft at Bay!

Using Home Video Surveillance to Keep Your Deliveries Safe from Package Theft

Package theft has become a prevalent issue in recent years, as more and more people rely on online shopping for their everyday needs. With the convenience of doorstep deliveries comes the risk of opportunistic thieves snatching packages left unattended. Fortunately, technology has evolved to help combat this problem. Home video surveillance systems offer an effective solution to deter package theft and provide peace of mind. In this article, we will explore how you can leverage home video surveillance to keep your deliveries safe from package theft, ensuring your online purchases reach you securely.

Secure Your Deliveries with Home Video Surveillance: Keep Package Theft at Bay!

Choose the Right Video Surveillance System:

When it comes to safeguarding your deliveries, investing in a reliable video surveillance system is crucial. Consider a system that offers high-definition cameras with wide-angle views, night vision capabilities, and motion detection. These features will provide you with clear footage, even in low-light conditions, and help capture any suspicious activity around your doorstep.

Install Cameras Strategically:

To maximize the effectiveness of your video surveillance system, it’s important to strategically install cameras around your property. Focus on areas where packages are usually delivered, such as your front porch, driveway, or entrance. Mount the cameras at a height and angle that captures the entire area and provides a clear view of any potential thieves.

Utilize Doorbell Cameras:

One of the most popular options for package security is a doorbell camera. These devices combine a video camera with a doorbell, allowing you to see and communicate with visitors remotely via a smartphone app.

Secure Your Deliveries with 3Home Video Surveillance Keep Package Theft at Bay

Doorbell cameras offer real-time notifications and live video feeds when someone approaches your front door. With this feature, you can keep an eye on package deliveries and even instruct delivery personnel on where to leave the package if you’re not home.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Stay informed and secure with smart video monitoring. Receive video alerts, access live camera feeds, and benefit from 24-hour recording options, enabling you to stay connected to important activity at your home or business. Experience the power of video analytics, an intelligent security feature that distinguishes significant events from routine activity, providing real-time insights to filter and categorize your video alerts. Take control of your video monitoring with enhanced customization, value, and peace of mind through intelligent video analytics.

Set Up Motion Detection and Alerts:

Enable motion detection on your surveillance system to receive instant alerts whenever there is movement near your delivery area. Motion detection can help identify potential thieves or suspicious activity, allowing you to take appropriate action promptly. Configure your system to send alerts directly to your smartphone, ensuring you’re always aware of any unexpected visitors or package deliveries.

Consider Cloud Storage:

While traditional surveillance systems use on-site storage methods like DVRs or memory cards, consider investing in a cloud storage solution.  Cloud-based systems provide several benefits, such as remote access to your footage from anywhere, increased storage capacity, and protection against tampering or theft of physical storage devices. Additionally, cloud storage ensures your footage is securely stored even if the cameras themselves are damaged or stolen.

Secure Your Deliveries with Home Video Surveillance: Keep Package Theft at Bay!

Display Visible Warning Signs:

Prevention is key when it comes to deterring potential thieves. Displaying signs that indicate the presence of video surveillance can act as a powerful deterrent. Place prominent signs or stickers around your property to let would-be thieves know that they are being monitored. This simple measure can discourage opportunistic criminals and make them think twice before attempting to steal your packages.


Package theft is an unfortunate reality in today’s world, but with the right tools, you can protect your deliveries and maintain peace of mind. Home video surveillance systems, with features like high-definition cameras, motion detection, cloud storage, and visible warning signs, provide an effective defense against package theft. By investing in a reliable surveillance system and implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can greatly reduce the risk of your packages being stolen and enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience.  Contact BSG Today to learn more (210) 202-0525.

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