If you’re looking for the latest in home security, you’ve probably considered doorbell cameras.  And, if you’ve been weighing your options, it’s likely you’ve come across two of the most popular brands in on the market — the Skybell Trim Plus and the Ring Pro.  To help you make an educated evaluation, we’ll compare the two video doorbells side-by-side.

What is a Doorbell Camera?

With technological advancements, even an average feature of the home—the doorbell—has evolved to include clear HD video recording and high-quality picture capturing. These incredible devices are the next step in home security and accessibility.

A doorbell camera is mounted where the doorbell would normally be. These vary in size but are commonly small enough to be about the size of an average doorbell. Depending on the settings of the device, customers can program the doorbell camera to activate when its sensor detects motion or simply when someone presses the button.

Once your doorbell is pressed or the motion sensor is activated, your smartphone will alert you that your doorbell has detected activity. Upon opening the app, you can view a live video of your guest, who can leave a message that can also be saved for later. Most doorbell cameras also feature two-way communication so that you can also answer the door from locations far away from your home.

For the the elderly and disabled, they also offer incredible convenience by allowing the homeowner to check on knocks at the door without having to get up.

Things to Consider When Choosing Between the Skybell Trim Plus or the Ring Pro

Homeowners have different needs and expectations when it comes to protecting their home. Here are a few key questions to ask:

Skybell Trim Plus

Skybell is a company that specializes in video doorbells. Several of their products have patents unique to their company which has caused tension between Skybell and Ring Pro. There are several reports of lawsuits between the two because Ring Pro has been accused of infringing on Skybell’s patented features.


The Skybell Trim Plus has a sleek design that is only slightly larger than the base of a doorbell. There are two available colors: brushed aluminum and the dark, oil-rubbed bronze. The style of the Skybell Trim Plus is thin and can match practically any home design.


Ring Pro

Ring Pro has built powerful name recognition in the market through effective advertising and also makes a complete security system designed to integrate with the video doorbell.


The faceplates are interchangeable on this modern design doorbell camera. It is thin and fits comfortably on your door frame without becoming an eyesore.


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For instance, you can set your sensor to only cover the walkway so that it isn’t tripped each time the dog goes out or when the garbage is picked up.

Comparing the Skybell Trim Plus and the Ring Pro

Ease of Use

Regardless of which device you choose, your doorbell cameras are guaranteed to be compatible with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The Skybell Trim Plus and the Ring Pro are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

Both doorbell cameras can be installed by the customer without hiring a professional. However, the process of installing the Ring Pro is slightly more complicated. Either way, you must have pre-existing doorbell hardwiring. Otherwise, you’ll probably need a professional to handle the .

Monthly Fees

The Ring Pro requires a subscription that includes many add-ons like alerts. Skybell Trim Plus records and stores your videos in the cloud for easy access at no additional cost over the initial retail price.

Without an active subscription, videos on the Ring Pro cannot be saved, only actively viewed live. While the Ring Pro is competitively priced—with options and additional features available from $30 to $100 dollars per year—the fact that Skybell has no additional charges is a big plus.

Response Time

This is a quality most might overlook because you would of course assume that you would receive instant notifications from the camera when it detects activity. However, this is not always the case.

The Ring Pro has received some complaints over its delayed notification to the user, which ranges between three and seven seconds. The Skybell on the other hand will notify you the very moment someone arrives.

Weather Conditions

Both the Skybell Trim and the Ring Pro are durable enough to make it through the the various seasons. In freezing conditions, however, the Skybell does withstand lower temperatures, capable of functioning at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Video Quality

The Skybell Trim and the Ring Pro both record high video quality of 1080p. The difference is that the Skybell Trim comes with a setting to allow for 720p video recording. The higher the video quality, the more bandwidth it requires to stream. By having the ability to downgrade the quality, Skybell made their doorbell more effective in homes with slower internet plans.

When video quality is lowered, the resulting recording takes up less storage space. This can come in handy if you have many recordings that you want to keep on file.


For those who want their video doorbell to be more discrete, the Ring Pro’s mounted camera has an advantage as it is less discernible as a video recording device.

However, some may prefer that visitors are fully aware that they are being recorded. The Skybell camera is much more easily noticeable and is even labeled on the doorbell “Skybell”, so it may serve as a better deterrent. While the Ring Pro is also labeled, the branding is minimal and easily overlooked.

Frame Rate

The Skybell Trim Plus as well as the Ring Pro stream live video of your doorway at a frame rate of 15 fps, allowing them both to record without static or lagging. On this criteria, both brands are equal.

Silent Mode

This is another aspect in which the Skybell and Ring Pro are neck and neck. Unlike conventional doorbells, you can turn this doorbell off so it remains quiet while the camera continues to record.

Both devices run smoothly without creating any disturbance, which makes it easy to transition seamlessly between their active and inactive modes. When you don’t want to be bothered by visitors or especially the doorbell, this is an excellent feature.

Is a Doorbell Camera Right for Me?

Doorbell cameras can offer some powerful advantages when it comes to home security. Knowing who is at the front door at any time and without having to get up to answer it or look through a peephole or window is a great convenience.

With so many news stories of holiday package theft or other criminal activities, the peace of mind knowing that your front steps are under constant monitoring make doorbell cameras a welcome relief for many homeowners.

Bottom Line

The Ring Pro and Skybell doorbell cameras are both top of the line products that boast similar features to show off their technological prowess.

The Skybell Trim Plus and Ring Pro are both are viable options for home security, however, we think the Skybell Trim Plus comes out on top because of its reliability, ease for everyday use, and lower added costs fees.  Contact a BSG expert to learn more 855-MYSMARTHOME.