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Moving? Don’t Be A Statistic, Be Safe.

Moving can be a tedious project from start to finish. The stresses of moving can sometimes cause responsible adults to become careless and forget about the most important thing – being safe and protecting their belongings. Following these tips will help give movers a level of comfort by knowing the best protocols to secure items and the new home.

Be Picky When Picking movers.

With growing websites like Craigslist and Angie’s list, criminals have made it easier to network. By simply posting an ad, they gain access to hundreds of potential customers. So, Research the moving company, check for licenses, insurance, and feedback from previous customers. Ask probing questions to see if the company has credibility. Visit their website and ask about the history of the moving company. Doing this will help reduce the probability of your items being transported by con artists.

Whose keys are these?

If you’re purchasing a home or leasing a home, it’s important to know who has access to your new living space. Buyers of new homes should immediately change the locks and have alarm services transferred over. Technology has made it simple to relocate wireless alarms. If you are leasing a home, having an alarm system is just as important. Talk to your landlord and learn who has access to the house and if getting an alarm system is an option.

Don’t let your landscape help the burglar escape.

It’s true. Criminals will hide in bushes and use anything that is available to aid in robbing the premise. It’s vital that your landscape doesn’t make it easy for them. Make sure hedges and bushes are trimmed. Avoid having tall grass. If tall hedges and large bushes are an accessory to your beautiful lawn, adding sensory components to the windows in your house will detour robbers. These sensory components can sense glass breaks or movement. If an unsuspecting criminal uses the bushes as a place to hide, he surely won’t be able to escape the unsettling response from the alarm.

It’s never too late to learn the crime rate.

Even if you’ve already planned your move, do some research to learn what the crime rate is like in your town/neighborhood. Remember, there isn’t a crime-free place in America. Statistics and trends in crime change frequently, so it’s good to develop a habit of checking it regularly.

With all the hassles of moving, there’s one thing that will ease your stress and give your family comfort in knowing that the home is protected. Choosing a BSG monitoring package will provide you with the utmost security for medical, fire, panic, and burglar alarms. BSG offers fast response times, great rates, and easy portability. When you’re getting ready to make your move (or if you already have), don’t forget to transfer your wireless alarm system or start new service.