Business safety and security should be a major concern for any business owner. The presence of a solid security system with video surveillance installed properly can help make your customers and your employees feel safe and secure. If your customers feel safe, they may be more likely to do business with you. In some cases, business owners are busy running the business and they either don’t think too much about security or they install something like dummy equipment as a cheap solution. In both circumstances, this can hurt the business owner in the long run.

What is Dummy Equipment?

Dummy equipment is anything that can mislead customers or employees into a false sense of security. Typically dummy equipment is “fake” cameras mounted both inside and outside the building which are not actually connected to anything or recording. The idea behind installing these “fake” cameras is that something is better than nothing and will deter a situation from happening before it happens. For business owners with a small security budget, this might seem like a good idea; however, there is no proof that this will act as a deterrent. Installing these dummy cameras can actually hurt rather than help.

How Does It Hurt the Business?

There are many reasons installing a dummy camera system can hurt a business.

A landlord in a building that is known to be dangerous installs a dummy camera system in the laundry room. This entices tenants to continue using the machines so that the landlord can profit or comply with lease terms for services. There could be liability if a tenant is injured and thought it was being recorded or a security guard was watching the system.

Another issue with a dummy camera system could be if a robbery occurs. Valuable information after a robbery would be missing since nothing was recorded. This makes it difficult for the authorities to catch the robber. If someone was injured in the robbery and finds out that there was nothing recorded, the business could end up being liable as there was a false sense of security.

An employee may park their car, or leave valuables within view of a security camera. If the car or valuables are stolen and they ask for the video which doesn’t exist, the business could end up being liable.

Using Yard Signs & Window Stickers as a Deterrent

Some business owners do not want to spend the money on a good quality security system. They attempt to buy a yard sign or window stickers from an alarm company in the place of a professionally installed alarm system. Again, this is not a good deterrent and is not recommended.

From a security point of view, or a business point of view, installing a dummy system or giving out free yard signs/window stickers is not a good business practice. Most reputable security companies will not sell dummy camera systems. They will also not sell yard signs or stickers without an installed alarm system. If you cannot afford an expensive system, there are still options which can offer you some security for your business. Please call one of our professional security consultants in your area today to discuss the options available.