How safe is your home? Do you have a good understanding of where your risks lie? BSG Home Security Risk Assessment evaluates any safety and security threats you may be facing. This is a free service to all customers, even if you’re just starting to think about your safety and security options. The assessment helps build a safety profile of your home and determine which life safety products will best fit your needs.  Here are just a few of the questions when conducting your BSG Home Risk Assessment:

Questions regarding the area outside your home –

Do you have air conditioning window units?
Air conditioning window units, when not secured properly, can allow for criminals to easily gain access into your home. Take time to install and secure your window units properly.

Can you access the upper floors through a deck, ledges, or by climbing trees?
Securing your upper floor’s windows and doors is just as important as securing the first floor. Decks, ledges, and easily climbable trees can be a pathway into your home. Keep upper windows and doors locked when you are not home.

Are there shrubs or foliage blocking the view from your doors or windows?
While a beautiful part of your home’s landscaping, shrubs and foliage can serve as a hiding spot for criminals. They can also obstruct your view from the inside of your home. Keep your landscaping trimmed to deter criminals from making your home their next target.

Is a public fire hydrant located within 1,000 feet of your home?
You can guess why this is important to your home’s and your family’s safety. Fires are devastating and can happen to anyone. Make sure your home and community has a public fire hydrant within an accessible distance.

Are there ladders or other objects stored outdoors where criminals could easily get them?
Many people focus on securing their actual home and sometimes forget about the objects they have stored in the backyard or a shed. Do a quick sweep of your yard and make sure sheds are locked and tools and ladders are secured. Sheds left unlocked or tools and equipment not stored in a secure area can be a target for criminals.

Questions regarding the inside of your home –

Are any of your door locks missing or broken?
Check all doors for missing or broken locks, specifically exterior doors. Replace any locks that are not working or cannot be fixed.

Are any of your windows broken, or missing panes of glass?
Broken or missing windows can be a gateway into your home. Check to make sure the locks work on all of your windows, and if needed, have broken windows or glass repaired or replaced.

Were the smoke detectors in your home professionally installed within the past 5 years?
Most smoke detectors installed today have a life span of 8-10 years. If your smoke detectors were installed before that time or you are unsure of when they were installed, have a home safety professional take a look. Properly installed and maintained smoke detectors can save lives.

Do you have a grease rated fire extinguisher in your kitchen?
Cooking flare-ups can happen to anyone in the kitchen. Keep a grease rated fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergencies.

Do all of your exterior doors have a working deadbolt installed?
Deadbolts are an added layer of security. Have deadbolts installed on each of your exterior doors. You can also look into integrated door locks, a feature of many connected homes including the BSG Smart Home.

It’s important to have a full home risk evaluation, but these questions are a great start. As you’re asking yourself these questions, if any potential risks come to mind, please contact us at (855) MYSMARTHOME. The entire BSG sales team is available to discuss your home’s security and safety options. We are more than happy to discuss our solutions with you and schedule your full Home Risk Assessment.

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