Smart security. Made simple.

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How Do I Get It’s Easy.

How Do I Get It's Easy.

How Do I Get It’s Easy.

Want a BSG smart home security system but not sure how to get it? It’s easy. Here’s everything you need to know, in a quick FAQ format.

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What does powered by mean? is the leading technology brand that invented smart home security. They’re known and trusted by millions.

They build the app that controls the security system, the smart features that protect your family and keep you connected, and the intelligent platform that secures and automates your smart home. When you buy smart home security, technology is an essential part of the package.

But they don’t sell directly to homeowners. That’s what BSG your service professionals do.

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BSG your service provider?

BSG can provide you with a full range of smart home security products along with expert home security consultants and award-winning service.


Why are service providers the only way to get

It’s because home security is a job for professionals.

Smart technology is essential, but it’s not the whole picture. Your security system should be customized for your home, and installed reliably. It needs to be configured and tested, then supported and serviced over the long term, so that when you need it, it works.

BSG does all of this for you, quickly and efficiently. We also provide professional security monitoring with every system, giving you true emergency protection.


How much does cost?

The cost of your system is based on the size of your home and the scope of the system you want, among other factors.

Typically, systems are sold with a low upfront cost, then a monthly service fee. It’s similar to paying for a cellphone, and gives you a huge advantage when upgrading your home.

Want to include other smart home devices, like smart locks, video cameras and an Energy Star certified smart thermostat? BSG carries a huge range of fully-integrated smart devices. We factor your extra devices into the price and install them at the same time.

With everything working together, and no need to spend thousands of dollars upfront, it’s the easy way to upgrade your house with smart home technology.


Can I add to my old security system? is compatible with leading home security hardware brands including DSC, GE Security, Interlogix, Qolsys and 2GIG. Many older systems can also be upgraded. BSG can assess your home’s existing equipment and help you identify the best way forward.

Can I get started now?

Absolutely. Just call (855) 697-6278 or Click here to get connected with our sales team today.