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Get Peace of Mind: Entrust Your Home Security to the Pros

smart home security system

smart home security system

As professionals, we’re busier than ever and devoting more and more time to work. This means we are at home less, and our property and families could be vulnerable to thieves looking for an easy, untended mark. Your absence also leaves your home vulnerable to fire, flood, or other environmental events.

A lot of us are very busy, driving, working, emailing, texting, and on and on. In fact, according to a poll, American adults working full time put in, on average, 47 hours per week at their jobs. If you factor in commuting and errands, this means many adults are away from their houses 10–12 hours a day.

That doesn’t cover the times when we work overtime, on weekends, or travel out of town. Sometimes we don’t have any time to plan to cover security in advance. If you own your business, you may be out day and night, at unpredictable times, and virtually living out of your office or workspace.

Professional Solution to Security Challenges

One way to do this is to outsource the management and monitoring of your home to certified, proven professionals. Remember: there are such things as efficient, professional thieves who are looking for vulnerable homes to ransack.

Security professionals often work out of state of the art, industry-certified, high-tech enabled control rooms and are alerted to intruders in your home or the presence of heat or water.  They can view the affected portion of your home via high resolution cameras and, if need be, contact first responders — and you. You can even watch your house via mobile phone video streaming, in real time. Don’t have time to be a professional security expert for your own property? No worries. You don’t have to be.

During work hours, do you often worry:

Garage Doors “Did I remember to lock the garage door?”
Smart Lights “Am I wasting money right now by forgetting to turn off the heat and lights again?”
smart locks “Is the key I left for the house cleaner really secure under the doormat?”
Wireless Glass Break “I need to replace the battery in the smoke detector! It was chirping all night!”

If you can’t answer these questions, you have to either turn around and return home or live with uncertainty for the rest of the day. No one needs another distraction. Ideally, you want to just focus on your work and know your house and property are secure.

Stay Safe While You’re At Work

A trusted partner watching your property:

24/7 local monitoring service from our Diamond Certified Security Command Center, staffed with highly trained and experienced operators who respond, on average, in less than 20 seconds to priority signals from our customers’ homes or businesses.

Cutting edge smart home security:

We offer the latest in smart home security. Our services allow you to arm/ disarm your system and control your lights, locks and thermostat from your smartphone.

Set up keyless/ timed access:

Stop worrying about the hassle of giving spare keys to everyone in the family. Control your locks from the convenience of your smartphone. Create timed access codes to allow your family entry into the house anytime, or during a specific time frame. You’ll receive notifications when they have entered and exited your home.

Peek in while you’re away:

Keep an eye on your home. Watch live video from your cameras or access recorded clips that are triggered from motion sensors or system disarming.

BSG makes smart security a breeze. No more wrestling with a million different apps for your lights, locks, cameras – you get it. We put everything in one easy-to-use app.

Imagine controlling your whole smart home from your couch (or the beach!). That’s the BSG life.

Award Winning Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism, and offer a personal guarantee that every aspect of our business is top of the line — our services, our products and our relationships with our customers.