In the security and home automation industry, we’re all about innovation, especially when it comes to making lives easier and safer at home. We polled our life-safety experts around the office to share their most innovative uses of the BSG Smart Home system, and this is what we discovered.

Get creative with your door/window sensors –

Keep children out of cleaning cabinets. You know all those nasty chemicals we store under our kitchen sink? Want to keep your small child from getting his or her hands on the floor cleaner? Use a door/window sensor on the cabinet door to get a notification every time it’s opened when you’re not around.

Safeguard your pharmaceuticals by placing a door/window sensor inside the cabinet and having it notify you when the cabinet door is opened. This will keep your little ones from peeking inside and getting their hands on medicines or other products they shouldn’t have.

Secure the liquor cabinets. Teenagers are sneaky and resourceful and could get their hands on your spirits if the cabinet isn’t properly secured. Once again, you can use the door/window sensor to silently send you a smartphone alert when the liquor cabinet is opened.

You can also do the same thing for your jewelry boxes and weapons cases. With the door/window sensor, you’ll be notified on your smartphone immediately if someone tries to open those.

With summer around the corner, use your door/window sensors to create added security for your pool or hot tub. Drowning can happen within seconds, so placing a sensor on the gates around your pool can notify you via smartphone whenever someone tries to access the pool area without permission.

Want to keep your windows open in the summer for ventilation but still want to be protected? Install an additional magnet higher up on your window to allow for the window to remain open while the system is armed.

Summer rain can also mean flooding in certain areas of the country. Take advantage of water sensors to notify you if water is getting in. This is especially helpful if you are going on vacation for extended periods of time during the summer months.

Put existing door/window sensors on ‘watch’ mode, and it will beep to let you know when someone either leaves the house or comes in. This is good if you have smaller children who may wander outside.

Just be creative! Home security and home automation have come a long way in recent years, and the features are both exciting and easy to use! Door/window sensors come standard with the BSG Smart Home Security powered by (features like the water sensor are extra, but affordable!). Give us a call today at (855) MYSMARTHOME to get your home security system and start sharing all of the innovative ways you use it!