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Family Entertainment Room: Designed to Impress

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Family Entertainment Room: Designed to Impress

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[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]T[/fusion_dropcap]he entertainment room is truly a special place in a modern household. Designed to bring families together and inspire parents and children to bond, spend quality time together, and create long-lasting memories, this space is sort of a secluded oasis of peace and positivity every family member can enjoy.

Designing a truly inspiring media room interior in terms of decor and gadgets does take careful planning and preparation. From mounting the TV to building in a solid surround-sound system, all the way to setting the theme for the room and organizing the seating area for maximum comfort, there are plenty of features to consider. So, let’s take a look at how you can design a family entertainment room every family member will love.

Set a Theme for the Room

The media room should not be just another room in the household, it should be a place with a unique feeling, tone, and identity that will immerse you in whatever you’re doing, whether you’re playing video games with the kids or watching a movie with your significant other. In other words, this room should really stand out from the rest.

You can achieve this by deciding on a theme, letting your favorite movies, genre, or video games inspire you to introduce complementary decor. Start with the walls and decide on the color first, going either for a neutral hue or perhaps even an intimate shade such as burgundy to bring that retro cinema vibe to life.

Next, go ahead and hang your favorite movie posters on the walls, and mount floating shelves where you can put movie or video game paraphernalia such as action figures from the Marvel movies, etc.

Introduce the Right Kind of Furniture

DHM thought catalog 641073 unsplash 2060px

Another important element of a beautiful media room is the furniture. Needless to say, you should design the seating arrangement for maximum comfort without hindering the line of sight to the screen from any angle. Choose furniture pieces that complement the theme of the room such as a grand sofa for the entire family, along with several comfy armchairs for when you’re having friends over.

Another great way to bring an intimate setting to life even more is to arrange the seating area so that it creates a slight semi-circle around the TV. This way, everyone will be able to enjoy the viewing no matter where they are sitting, and the whole experience will feel like a private screening just for them. A nifty trick to elevate the aesthetics and functionality in the room.

Mounted TV: A Functional Focal Point

DHM 2018 First Look QLED Q7FN Style No more Black screen PC 1440 x 768px

The most important feature in the entertainment room is, of course, the TV itself. Without a doubt, the media room deserves to have a grand modern TV set boasting a crystal-clear image and a resolution so high that it feels like you’re an active part of the plot in the movie. However, in order to achieve the ultimate viewing pleasure, you will need to position the TV just right.

This focal point of the room should serve an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose, so make the task of properly mounting your TV on a wall your number one priority. You don’t want the TV to hang too high or too low, so make sure it’s placed just slightly above parallel with your eye height when sitting. Make sure the TV is not slanted either, as over time, it will start to bother you no matter how minuscule the offset is.

Get the Lighting Just Right

DHM Modern sofa wall sconces 5DM30198 2060px

Lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood for the entire room, and immersing you into the story on the screen. One of the essential features your media room needs is scalable lighting, so make sure you install a light dimmer so that you can set the mood just right for every occasion. Unlike every other area in your home, the media room doesn’t need overhead lighting.

The intimate vibe that resides in this room comes from the subtle illumination from the walls and corners of the room. So instead of a grand overhead light, consider mounting coned lighting on the walls for that retro feel, and choose a couple of freestanding lights on both sides of the seating area for when you just want to relax with a favorite book in hand.

Don’t Forget about Sound Quality

Last but certainly not least, a modern media room deserves to have a powerful surround-sound system instead of a couple of front speakers or, God forbid, just the stock speakers on the TV.

No, if you want the best gaming and viewing experience possible, you should introduce speakers at key points in the room. Installing surround sound in an entertainment room is a delicate project, so make sure you inquire with a professional first in order to create the ideal listening environment for your needs.

The entertainment room in a modern home can serve many a beautiful purpose, but its biggest strength is the ability to bring families together and help them create loving memories. With these design ideas in mind, you should have no problem designing a media room every family member will love.

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