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Catch Halloween Pranks With a Wireless Video Doorbell

Catch Halloween Pranks With a Wireless Video Doorbell

Catch Halloween Pranks With a Wireless Video Doorbell

They don’t call it Trick or Treat for nothing; Halloween is a common time for pranks. Though they are often harmless, they can also be scary, annoying or damaging. Many Halloween pranks involve the front of your home, which means monitored home security may provide the perfect solution, especially if you have an HD Video Doorbell. The HD Video Doorbell is the key to a “treats only” Halloween, so tricksters should beware!

Candy Thieves


If you can’t be around during Trick or Treat, you might put out a bowl and trust kids to only take a piece or two. Some people avoid this method, however, because someone might come along and take all your candy in one swoop, ruining everyone else’s fun. With an HD Video Doorbell Camera you can keep an eye on your porch for Halloween pranks from anywhere you have internet access. If someone is spending too much time at the candy bowl or trying to take the whole thing, you can even talk through the doorbell to try to get them to change their mind. A disembodied voice coming from the door might do the trick. Talk about spooky!



Halloween is often the target for many young vandals. From T-Ping (throwing toilet paper) to throwing eggs, corn or rotten vegetables, these Halloween pranks can be very difficult to clean up and may even damage your home. A Wireless Video doorbell could pick up the action going on at your front door if you have the motion feature turned on. This will allow you to capture a video clip of the perpetrators in case you need to file a police report. You can also utilize the two-way voice feature again to scare people away.

Ring and Run


There are a variety of “ring and run” style Halloween pranks that involve ringing the doorbell and disappearing before someone gets to the door. Whether or not you are home, the HD Video doorbell easily solves the mystery of what happened. If you find an unsightly “present” left at your front door or are the target of a ding-dong-ditch situation, you can know what happened and you don’t have to rush to your door only to be disappointed and confused.

 Pumpkin Smashers


Another cruel kind of Halloween pranks involves smashing your carved pumpkins or even destroying (or stealing) other Halloween decorations. As long as you keep those pumpkins or decorations in the view of your Video Doorbell or Wireless Outdoor Cameras you have a much better chance of seeing what happens. One of the worst parts of a prank like this is wondering what actually happened, but with a video doorbell you may be able to catch the prankster in the act.

With BSG smart home security, you can have peace of mind all year long. You can feel secure in knowing that the authorities will be notified if an alarm is triggered whether it’s a burglary alarm, panic signal, fire alarm or medical alert. The HD Video Doorbell takes it up a notch by notifying you when something is going on near your front door and even allows you to interact with anyone who’s out there. We hope you don’t have to deal with any tricksters this Halloween, but if you do, the HD Video Doorbell can help (855) 697-6278!