Kitty or canine, if you have a pet in your household, they’re more than likely treated like family members. You want to keep them as safe as any others with the alarm you’ve had installed.

The problem is, Fido or Fluffy keeps tripping the alarm. But if you have a smaller pet – to a maximum of 80 pounds – there is a solution. A regular motion sensor detects any movement. It can’t discern between a robber and your pet roaming around.

You get the picture

You might want to consider image sensor cameras as part of your home security system. These cameras can send two photos by text or email, letting you see what set the sensor off – before police are called. They can be set to ignore small pets altogether. They utilize a small infrared sensor to see what’s happening in your space, but can be made immune to small, furry family members. This mean most dogs, cats, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, birds and any other animal you might have as a pet.

Pet immunity

Home security companies like BSG, go above and beyond to keep you and your family members safe. Part of that entails coming up with new products, like those that are immune to pets. These products are tested and re-tested recording human and animal movements and are then analyzed by experts like computer programmers and engineers. The data is converted into algorithms to distinguish between animal and human motions so as to eliminate animal motions from alarms altogether.

Where to put sensors

If you have pets, where you have motion sensors placed is important to preventing false alarms. This is where the experts at BSG come in. They can walk through your home with you to decide where sensors will give you the best protection and will be in the best location for pets. Obviously, a security system won’t work for you unless it’s armed.

One solution

Your security professional might choose to place sensors so they’re not near the ground. Sensors could be aimed high enough so pets don’t set them off, but low enough to detect human movement like those of a burglar.

To learn more about which systems would be best for you as a pet owner, give BSG a call today 855-697-6278. We understand the relationship between your pet(s) and you and your family members and will work with you to find the right home security system San Antonio and Austin.