You don’t need a huge budget to help secure your small business. Whether you’re running a family owned shop, a restaurant or a professional office, we have options to help you secure your pride and joy.  We can tailor a system to your specific needs, which are often somewhere between the needs of a single-family home and large commercial operation.

New security technology can make your life easier and give you more time to devote to  being a successful entrepreneur. Old systems can be finicky to work with and waste your time with worry over whether your business is as secure as you want it to be. BSG offers innovative solutions to address these issues.

In addition to high-tech basic security devices, BSG provides products and services that are perfect for small business owners

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is an essential for small business owners. You’ll likely want night-vision-capable HD surveillance cameras inside and outside your business. With BSG, you can manage your security cameras from an app on your computer, tablet or smartphone, making checking-in as easy as a few clicks. The HD Video Doorbell can also be beneficial for certain kinds of offices and storefronts, allowing you to catch video clips of anyone who comes to the door. Learn more about outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras, and the HD Video Doorbell.

Controlled Access Systems

With smart locks, you can control who can enter the door with personal passcodes. If you need an employee to open the store, they can use their own passcode and you’ll have a record of who entered and at what time. Paired with video security, you can keep close watch of who’s coming and going. You don’t need an expensive and complex access control system that you can’t afford. A high tech smart lock can notify you if the door was left open or is unlocked at an unusual time. Learn more about keyless entry door locks. Need something more complex? We can assist with that as well.

Alerts and Notifications

Your small business probably demands most of your time, but when you’re not there, how do you know what’s going on? With a BSG security system, you can set up notifications that will help you know what’s going on whether you are on-location or away. Set up notifications based on your location, or based on the security device. For example, you can be notified any time your smart lock is unlocked or when a door or window has been left open during the time that you are closed. The best thing about notifications with BSG is that you can set up the ones you want and not worry about the ones you don’t. Everything we can do for a home, we can set up for your business as well.

Affordable, High Tech Options

BSG offers well-tested, high tech smart security and automation devices for your business. With affordable monthly rates and excellent support, you’ll feel the peace of mind that we’re helping to protect your business, but with a price that suits your small business budget. We don’t let budgetary constraints limit your ability to have effective, modern solutions!

If you already have a security system, consider switching to BSG with our price match guarantee. Learn more about how BSG is an excellent option for small business by requesting more information or calling 855-697-6278.