As summer is winding down, it is time to start getting your children back on track and ready for school. As these next couple weeks quickly go of doing last minute summer activities, back to school shopping and more don’t forget to sit down and go over with your children information about school safety. It is important they are reminded of what to do in certain situations to protect themselves. Below we have a checklist on what to go over with your children before they walk out the door on the first day:


Bus Safety:

-Reinforce bus safety at the beginning of the year.

-Show your children how to walk far enough in front of the bus so the driver can see you when crossing.

-Always use bus handrails especially when raining outside.

-Stay in your seat until there is a complete stop.


Walking Safety:

-Use a route you and your child agreed on to prevent them from walking on no sidewalks and busy incoming traffic.

-Before walking make sure to look driver in the eyes to make sure they are paying attention.

-Look both ways when crossing the street, and walk with precaution when crossing

-Find a neighborhood friend to walk to and from school with. This will prevent injuries and keep your child feeling safe.


Teen Driving Safety:

-Make sure to enforce rules to prevent your teenager from not obeying traffic rules

-Pick a set number of how many people can be in the car, etc. to avoid distractions

-Review with your child basic car safety like tire checks and oil changes to make sure they are being safe and to prevent them from being anxious in certain situations.

-Teach your teens the importance of not driving under the influence. This should even include being tired.


School Violence Prevention:

-If your child sees something unusual let them know it’s okay to report to a teacher.

-Know the signs of bullying and share knowledge on how to report to a teacher and be there as a friend.

General Safety:

-Educate yourself on backpack safety and make sure they are not too heavy on your child’s back. Straps should be wide enough to support the weight.

-Remember to enforce to put phones away when walking, this can cause a distraction.


We are wishing you a safe back to school season for your family from BSG 855-MYSMARTHOME!