We’re officially living in the post-Back-To-The-Future era now and with that we can review how well we’ve been able to catch up to the tech envisioned by the writers and producers of that film.

One technology on display in the second film of the trilogy is in the scene where Marty and his eventual wife happen upon their “home of the future”. In this scene you see a series of home automation systems including automated home audio/video system installations, automated window shades and lights.

So how well does our real world home tech stack up against the Back To The Future movies?

Turns out, really well.

In fact, we did so well here are 5 reasons you need to catch up and treat yourself to the Back To The Future tech in 2019:

Safety & Security

In the film, characters are able to use a handprint to access their homes and pay for cab rides. While that technology isn’t as wide-spread in real life, things like automated door locks and easy to use home security system apps allow you to quickly an conveniently enable/disable alarms and allow/disable access to your home on the fly.

Home Entertainment Integration

One of the great scenes in Back To The Future Part II is the part when Marty’s son lowers a flat-screen TV and pulls up different TV channels using voice commands. The good news is that voice and gesture commands are gaining popularity and use with new TVs and audio videos systems so you can add this to your home automation repertoire.

Efficiency & Energy Savings

While the scene in Back To The Future II where future Marty gives a command to a thermostat isn’t exactly something related to temperature control, smart thermostats can integrate with the rest of your home automation system so you can control your comfort level on the fly remotely or have it programmed to raise or lower the temperature based on your personal preferences. Controlling these allow you to save on energy costs when you’re not home during the week or if you go on vacation.


In the Back To The Future films, the writers fashioned the technology from one important factor: convenience. It’s convenient to be able to control certain parts of your home using voice controls. It’s convenient to be able to open and close your shades remotely. It’s convenient to turn on and off your lights from afar. With our lives getting more and more complicated and harder to manage, it’s time for you to have the convenience a home automation system can offer.

It’s Almost 2019

As we mentioned earlier, we’re truly living in the future here in 2018. It’s time that you start enjoying the automated lifestyle that was predicted so long ago — treat yourself!