Burglars are a very creative breed and each one is unique. While it is true they all break in and steal belongings that are not theirs, how they enter and the type of burglarizing they perform may vary.  As a homeowner, it is important to understand the different types of burglars and how they gain entry into your home. That way, you can be a step ahead of each one.

Categories of Burglars

There are mainly four different types of burglars:

  1. Opportunistic Burglars – They do not plan to burglarize; instead, they take action on quick and easy jobs. This could be a house that they stumble upon that is unlocked or a garage left open. They take advantage of these situations, making them highly unpredictable.
  1. Scouting Burglars – These burglars do know their targets and they wait for the opportunity to arise. They are also not afraid to kick in your door or break a window to gain entry. This type of burglar is the messiest and is highly unorganized.
  1. Prowlers – Prowlers are more organized and they study homes and their victims long before they attack. They monitor when you leave, times you are often away and even estimate potential belongings you have that they can steal.
  1. Professionals – These types of burglars target homes with high-value, specific items. This is not their first time burglarizing and they understand how long it takes for the police to respond. This is a dangerous type of burglar, because they have studied home security systems and in some cases, know how to disarm them.

Protecting Your Home from All Four Types of Burglars

Using an innovative, state of the art home security system can thwart all four types of burglars’ attempts to target your home. With 24/7 monitoring, you can notify the police immediately. A good system will also be burglar-proof, so even the professional burglars cannot disarm or trick the system.

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