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Yale Smart Deadbolt

The Yale Assure Smart Deadbolt gives you remote access to your front door like never before. Create different passcodes for keyless entry and log each code’s use from your smartphone app. This doorbell wirelessly connects to your smart security system and integrates easily. Contact BSG to learn more.


  • Remotely controllable
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless communication with smart panel and app
  • Custom passcodes for multiple family members

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Upgrade your door with the Assure Lock SL, the slimmest smart lock on the market with a touchscreen keypad for key-free entry. The lock has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it allows you to lock or unlock, share access and see who comes and goes all using your app, from anywhere! For ultimate convenience, your Assure Lock will unlock automatically as you approach the door, and it will even relock once the door is closed! Plus, you can lock, unlock or check current status with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Hey Google or Siri. The lock is 100% key free, meaning it’s tamperproof and there are no keys to lend or lose. It features a backlit touchscreen keypad, so even when you don’t have your phone, you can unlock your door without the hassle of keys. The Assure Lock is super easy to use and installs in minutes with just a screwdriver on standard doors (1-3/8″ to 2-1/4″ thick).

  • Replaces your existing deadbolt with a slim, key free deadbolt with touchscreen keypad no keys to lose, no cylinder to pick
  • Lock, unlock, share access and see who comes and goes from anywhere using the Yale Access App – no additional hub needed, Wi-Fi Connect included.
  • Your door will unlock automatically as you get home and have your phone on you – If you don’t have your phone, just use the keypad!
  • Lock, unlock and check lock status with voice assistants including Alexa, Hey Google and Siri. Alexa can also provide notifications when your battery is running low, so you can proactively replace them. Set up smart reorders through Dash Replenishment to make sure you always have replacement batteries when you need them. – No additional hub needed
  • Add your Yale Assure smart lock to your SmartHome system – works with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Hey Google, Amazon Alexa and HomeKit.
  • Forget copying or hiding keys. Share app access or create unique entry codes for the people you trust. Choose from permanent, scheduled or temporary access and revoke it whenever you need to.
  • Comes with the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, so there’s no additional hubs needed, and it works off your home Wi-Fi

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