In the security industry, our job is to make sure that your family and home are protected.  Many times, when assisting customers in making these important life decisions, I’ll hear a few common catchphrases as to why they believe their home doesn’t need security.   Phrases like “I live in a safe neighborhood” and “I’ve never been burglarized before” are common, but there is one phrase that I seem to hear more than others; in fact, even my father-in-law said it to me recently:  “I don’t need a security system, I have a dog.” To be honest, when I was younger it was certainly on my list of pros as to why we needed to have a dog but they’re not security systems and here’s why:

A security system stays in your home. A dog goes for walks, goes out to play or comes with you to the park. Often times, when you need the security the most – like when you’re on vacation – your dog is either with you or in a kennel on their own vacation. An added bonus, you won’t ever have to take your security system for a walk.

Not all dogs are guard dogs. Yes, most dogs bark and could scare away an intruder but if someone really wants to get in your home, regardless of your dog, they will find a way. They can quiet the dog with treats or other distractions. I know if it were my dog, he would be playing with the intruder or cowering behind the couch!  Also, in the very worst possible situation, someone could harm your dog. It’s sad but unfortunately it does happen.

Dogs do not alert the police. Not all dogs are Lassie unfortunately. They can’t pick up the phone and call the police department. With a BSG security system, we do that on your behalf.  If there is an intruder in your home and you need to hide, have peace of mind knowing there is no need to call 911 yourself, help is already on the way.

A dog doesn’t provide an Insurance discount. If having a dog meant you would have a lower insurance premium, I would literally have 50 but sadly this isn’t the case. Having a security system, however, can help you lower your home insurance by up to 20%.

Dogs most certainly provide some peace of mind when it comes to protection but they are not the complete answer when it comes to the safety of your family and home. Dogs are companions, not security systems. However, with BSG Security, you can enjoy your pets and have the best of both worlds.