Why You Should Buy Security Cameras From a Professional

There are a lot of options today when it comes to buying security cameras.  Some are very inexpensive and promise high definition pictures and easy set up, and some are extremely expensive but seemingly don’t offer any additional benefits.  How do you know what to buy?  Should you just get the cheapest cameras you can find from a “big box store”?

BSG knows security camera systems.  We don’t sell you cameras that are unnecessarily expensive, and we also know what actually works.  As a company we have over 25 years of experience designing and installing camera systems and you can trust in our expertise.  With hundreds of local happy security camera system customers, chances are you know someone who you can ask about our work.

There are a lot of factors to consider when one is deciding which security camera system works best for your needs.  We are proud to work with people and business owners with all sorts of different needs.  We install systems of all sizes, from one camera only systems in a home to systems with hundreds of security cameras and multiple servers in large facilities.  For those thinking about putting in some cameras, read on to learn what sort of factors to consider before you buy a system and why you are probably best served to put in a professional installation.

Do you Need To Record Video

Most people want the ability to review security camera footage later, not just to view cameras live.  Many “do it yourself” CCTV systems that you can buy either online or from a big box store don’t record your video.  If they do, they only record a very short amount of video.  If you can’t access the portion of footage that you need, your camera system is completely useless.  Not something you want to leave to chance.

They may claim to use space efficiently with motion activated security cameras.  This motion detection is extremely primitive.  Any motion will set it off.  It could be a car driving by outside a window, it could be a ceiling fan, or it could be a pet.  BSG security cameras use sophisticated and customizable motion sensing technology.  We can set sensitivity levels, or even block out certain areas of the picture from triggering motion (for instance the top of the picture where a fan sits).

If you want continuous recording, we can set you up with enough memory to last weeks, or even months or longer depending on your needs.

Do you Need To Access Video From Off-site

Do you want the ability to log onto your security cameras from anywhere, including a smart-phone?  BSG can help you with that.  With live viewing technology, you can bring up an overview of all your cameras, or one specific security camera, in seconds.  You can zoom in and examine certain aspects of a picture, and some cameras will even let you pan and tilt.  You can access it from a computer, or from an app on a smart-phone or tablet.

Do You Need Indoor Security Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, Or Both?

Many store bought solutions work indoors, but are not capable of withstanding any kind of weather.  If they are, they probably won’t last very long.  BSG has the expertise and quality to give you a crystal clear imagine indoors or out, along with a warranty to back it up.  If you are using motion activated security cameras outdoors, you especially want a camera designed for the job because there is a lot of activity that will set them off, trees swaying, leafs falling, and birds flying for instance.  Our security cameras can specifically catch human activity, or whatever sort of activity you need to capture.

Slightly Complex Layouts

If you want security cameras in multiple rooms, or with a mixture of indoor and outdoor views, you may have a hard time effectively setting the system up yourself.  Our team of professional installers specializes in clean, low impact installations.  If you are going to get a camera system, you want it to look and operate smooth.  Running wires can be extremely difficult, and wireless cameras have extremely limited range.

Attractive Products- Different Solutions

Our security camera systems are modern, and they look like it.  Many self installed systems look gaudy and outdated.  We have solutions for everything from super-high resolution cameras with telescopic zoom, to hidden cameras.  Our products add to the aesthetic of your space, not detract from it.

Our products also aren’t “one sized fits all”.  Whether you need domed cameras, bullet cameras, high resolution pictures, or wide angle, we can design a solution that will exactly capture what you need so you never miss a thing.

What is Your Budget

While the “DIY” systems can look attractive for the price, our systems are surprisingly affordable as well.  When you factor in the much higher quality of t