Whether you are protecting your home or your business, a BSG Security System is an excellent option that you may wish to consider.

BSG Security Features and Options

You’ll find a wide range of options available to you when you choose a BSG Security system. Features such as home alarm monitoring, video surveillance, mobile APP solutions, Home Automation, personal emergency response, home energy management, and much more.

Business security solutions have you covered as well. Monitored burglar, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms can make all the difference to your business. BSG provides you with access control systems in order to give staff access to workers and remote and mobile capabilities. Features like these are great for the business owner who never wants to have to second-guess what is going on.

Home Alarm and Automation Systems in San Antonio & Austin

No matter how young or old you are, there is a security system to make you feel safe. Home automation, in Texas and other states, is something everyone needs. These systems allow you to automate many aspects of your home: for starters, temperature control, lighting, and alarm operation.

With a home alarm system you’ll have protection against intruders, and fire alarms will be monitored instantly for peace of mind. The best part of all is that it’s completely accessible to you whether you’re home or miles away.

Remote Home Control

With remote access, you can check on your home or business from your computer or smartphone and never have to worry like you once did. That’s the beauty of home alarm and automation systems in Texas. Builder Systems Group will never let you down.  Especially if you live alone and your needs are minimal, it’s a good feeling to know you don’t have to rely on family or neighbors to see you through.  Contact a BSG Expert today to Learn More 855-MYSMARTHOME.

Outstanding staff with excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. As a new home owner, my builder installed a BSG system, i called and spoke with Alice, who sold me on the coverage and the company… Johnny was great and met all our expectations. Even took the time to explain in detail how everything works key pad to computer to phone App . Thanks so much Alice, Johnny and the BSG team. Guy D.