Why Add an Image Sensor to Your System?

Vibrant images that deliver a quick snapshot of life might seem like a social media trend, but they’re becoming an important, intelligent security solution as well. With image sensor technology, your home security system can send an instant, high definition image to you in the form of a text or email alert.

What is an image sensor for home security?

The image sensor is actually a device you can integrate with your system – one that combines motion sensor technology with a tiny still shot camera. It provides the same interactive control you have with video security technology, but in a way that’s conducive to your on-the-go lifestyle. If you’re in a meeting or at a stoplight, you have seconds – not minutes – to check a text that shows what’s happening at home. An image sensor in your security system lets you do that.

What should you program the image sensor for?

You have total control over when the image sensor takes a photo. One approach is to program it for specific times of day, when certain events you need to check on are usually happening. A few ideas include:

  • When family members normally arrive home
  • When a caregiver or housekeeper is scheduled to arrive
  • An important time of day for the kids, like meal time or nap time

You can program your image sensor to take a photo and send it to you at any of those times of day – or, you can opt to let the motion detector trigger the snapshot instead.

What are other ways to use the image sensor?

Some homeowners have found the image sensor to be a great home security solution for a rental property or vacation home, especially when located in a remote area where Internet connection isn’t always reliable. The dedicated cellular connection is all you need to keep the image sensor up and running along with the rest of your home security system. It even comes with three years of battery life, so there’s no need to frequently change out batteries.

If you’re ready to discover everything an image sensor can do, we would be happy to show you. Call BSG today (855) 697-6278 to request more information.

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