It’s about that time again; time for door to door sales reps making their way around your neighborhood trying to sell whatever they can to you..

We want you to stay safe and be aware of your rights when sales reps make their way to your door.

  • Never answer a door to someone you don’t know. Unless you see their company logo on their hats/jacket/shirts, and you feel comfortable.
  • Always keep your doors locked, even when you are home. Having a peep hole or video doorbell camera is a good way to see who is there before you open that door.
  • Ask to see ID before you speak with anyone.

  • If you feel like they are scouting out your home (inside or outside), ask them to leave and call the police to let them know of any strange behavior.
  • Never make a decision on the spot. If they have a good product, and are a good company, they will allow you time to think about your decision.
  • You have 10 days to cancel any contract sold by door-to-door sales reps. Remember that the purchase must be for home or your personal use and it’s valued over $25, and lastly you must have received the product(s) in the last 30 days.