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What’s the Difference Between Arm Stay vs. Arm Away?

You installed your smart security system and you’re ready to use it. You walk over to the keypad and see two options when you go to arm: “Arm Away” and “Arm Stay”.

So what exactly is the difference between the two and why would you use each?

You can arm your system in either arm away or arm stay through your keypad, your smartphone, or with your key fob.

Most security systems come with these arming modes. The two settings are very different and each are designed for different applications. I am going to explain in greater detail how “Away” and “Stay” function.

When out for the day – Put It “Away”

The “Away” mode is used whenever you leave the house and there’s nobody else home.

Arm your security system in “Away” before you leave and it’ll protect your entire home. Every single sensor of your security system will be armed – exterior sensors, such as door and window sensors and interior sensors such as motion detectors and glass break sensors.

Keep in mind that motion detectors we sell are pet-friendly as long as the pet doesn’t exceed 80 pounds.

When you’re in for the day- Put It In “Stay”

The alternative is putting your alarm system in “Stay” mode which is used when you are home. Selecting this mode arms only the exterior sensors and not the interior ones. This allows you to freely move around your home while still having protection on your doors and windows.

Now don’t worry when you see an exit time, you do not have to leave your house, it just gives you the option to. A good example for this if someone is out early for work while your spouse and kids are still home, you can leave without setting off the alarm and still leave your family protected with an armed security system.

If you’re not comfortable having all your interior sensors unarmed, don’t worry. The “Stay” mode is customizable, allowing you to specify certain sensors to remain armed even when in this mode. This is perfect for any areas in your home that you rarely passed through like a basement or 1st floor when you are upstairs for the night.

Here are BSG we take the time to custom design your system to work in every situation whether you are home or away. We want to make sure that you, your family, and property are protected at all times and that the system functions in line with your lifestyle.

We also will take the time to train you on these different modes of operation, set up your App and more.   Contact a BSG expert today to learn more 855-MYSMARTHOME.