Every homeowner’s greatest fear is hearing their burglar alarm go off. This may cause panic and you may not have a plan for how to deal with this type of situation. If your alarm does go off, it is important to think rationally and get help. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 2003-2007, 27.6% of burglaries took place when someone was home. It is important to know how to handle a situation like this before you’re put into one.

  1. Plan Ahead And Create A Safe Room

Find ways to secure every room of your home. Provide yourself with a safe place to hide and call for help. Most people use the washroom or master bedroom as their safe spot. The ideal room should be windowless, with thick walls, and a reasonable amount of space.

  1. Invest In A Full Security System

If an alarm does sound, your best bet is your security alarm services. They can contact emergency authorities as soon as the alarm is sounded.

  1. Call For Help And Remain Calm

Your alarm will be loud, which may scare you, but it will also scare the burglar. Immediately call for help, because no matter what the situation is, avoiding contact with the burglar is your number one goal. Be discreet about calling authorities because a burglar could become violent or run away and never be caught. Remain calm and stay in your safe spot until help arrives.

  1. Exit With Your Hands Visible

Once the police arrive, make it obvious that you are the victim and not a suspect. You can never be too safe, so make sure your hands are visible when you come out of your hiding place.

  1. Do Not Turn Off The Alarm Until You Know Why It Was Triggered

Many people mistake alarms for false ones. Don’t assume this until you know for sure. Let the alarm register with the home security company so they can ensure that you are safe.

If your burglar alarm sounds, it is important to stay calm and immediately execute your emergency plan. Your safety, and your family’s safety, is much more important than any valuables inside of your home.

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