A break-in is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Arriving home to find your belongings strewn across the floor and your valuables missing can leave you feeling afraid and angry. It shatters your sense of security. Also, it might take a long time – if at all – before you ever feel safe in your home again.

While the first line of defense is prevention, not every break-in is avoidable. That’s why you should have a plan in place in case one does occur. If you are the victim of a home break-in, you’ll probably go into shock and be unable to make clear decisions. Having a plan at hand can help you and your family members through this frightening time.

What To Do/Not Do

Be Prepared, Just in Case

Be sure that you understand what is included in your homeowner’s insurance coverage in the event of a robbery. Maintain a home inventory of all your valuables. Take the inventory yourself or work with an asset inventory protection company. Keep photographic records of your assets and record serial/model numbers for high-end merchandise such as electronics, appliances and tools. Scan copies of receipts, appraisals or other important documents. Perform a video tour of your home, recording all assets located in it. Store the video, photos and scan files in a safe deposit box away from the home.

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