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What Is Home Automation? Smart Home

Smart security. Made simple.

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What Is Home Automation? Smart Home

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Home automation allows you to access the devices in your home from virtually anywhere in the world. While this term is often used for isolated programmable devices like sprinklers and heating systems — home automation more accurately refers to a residence in which nearly everything is hooked up to a remote network.

Until recently, it was only commercial buildings that contained centralized control systems. But the automation market has allowed regular homeowners to install ‘smart’ devices that activate everything, including lights, appliances and even security cameras.

Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation is enhancing the security landscape. Thanks to advances in smart monitoring products, you can now keep an eye on your residence from a remote location. Because your home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll ever make, protecting it from unwanted visitors and trespassers is top priority. Let’s explore some of the benefits of automating your security system.

Provides detailed info: Check whether the lights have been left on or confirm the doors are locked with monitoring apps that provide detailed info about your home. Also pull up video feeds in real-time to see what’s happening inside your residence while you’re away.

Sends notifications: Program your system to send you important notifications when there’s a potential problem. Receive a notification on your smartphone if someone is at your door, or receive a phone call if a window is broken. You can get notifications for typical events as well, such as alerts to let you know your child is home from school.

Hands-on interaction: Not only can you control your security system, but a number of other appliances as well. Reset the thermostat, dim the lights and lock or unlock doors with your monitoring app. As manufacturers create more ‘smart’ devices in the years ahead, you’ll be able to automate virtually everything in your home.

Home Automation & Security

To take advantage of an automated security system, it’s important to work with a company that has experience in this type of technology. A security firm like BSG offers innovative software to integrate all the major devices. Instead of using separate control schemes for each, an intelligent platform will allow you to control everything from one central location. Here are some of the items that can be automated easily:

Standalone solutions will not give you the flexibility, control and responsiveness of an integrated system. Minimal intervention is required on the user’s end because all control aspects are performed through a single app.

When researching home automation systems, you’ll find certain features are a must. From personalization abilities to location-based services, some options make the user experience exponentially better.

Custom Triggers: Home automation is about making your life easier. Custom triggers can help simplify your busy routine by performing a series of tasks for you in one consolidated action. As you leave for work, allow the system to lower the heat, turn off the lights and lock the doors automatically. Later in the day, the system can ensure your home is at an ideal temperature and that the lights are turned back on in time for your arrival. It can also unlock your front door as you approach the house, making things easier in case your hands are full.

Personalization: A good system will allow you to create multiple settings for a number of different scenarios. Implement certain actions when your children arrive home from school, and then another set of actions for bedtime and weekends.

Instant Alerts: Receive notifications each time an event happens in your residence. Whether your child has snuck into your home office or there’s movement detected in the basement, a home automation system can alert you each time.

Location-Based Geo-Services: A high-quality platform will be able to adjust itself automatically in response to your location. If the app sees you’re headed downtown for work, it can adjust the thermostat to save energy. If the app determines you’re coming home late at night, it can unlock the front door and turn on the porch light.

For added real-time security, ensure the company you’re working with offers video camera monitoring. A good home automation package should also include the ability to control individual electrical outlets and lights as well.

As manufacturers continue to create intelligent appliances and devices, home automation will become a common component of the modern home. The technology will only get better in the years ahead. But to take advantage of this exciting new development now, consider working with a company like BSG to ensure you’re maximizing all its benefits.

For more information on home automation, call BSG at 1-855-697-6278 or contact us here.