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What Home Automation Works with Google Home?

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What Home Automation Works with Google Home?

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Among all smart home devices, how do you know what home automation works with Google home?  Google Home allows you to control and automate a huge array of tech and we’ll outline just some of the devices today. Typically most home automation devices work with Google Home, expect rival products but today you’ll find out.

What Is Google Home and Why Should You Buy It?

Google Home offers you the chance to take direct control of a broad range of smart home appliance using nothing but your voice and Google Assistant, the onboard digital butler and Alexa’s worst enemy.

Google Home is a smart speaker:

  • Google Home: If you’re looking for a powerful and able speaker, Google Home is not the best option. If, on the other hand, you want a simple, cost-effective device enabling you to make full use of Google Assistant to automate your connected home using voice commands, it’s well worth the modest investment
  • Google Home Mini: Finished with a tactile fabric and resembling a small ice hockey puck, the Mini version of Home comes in 3 colors so it will slot neatly in with your décor. Sound is underwhelming, but Google Home Mini is the perfect conduit for controlling other devices and appliance in your smart home hands-free
  • Google Home Max: Google describes the sound issuing from Google Home Max as “room-filling”, and this is not far wide of the mark. You’ll get potent, un-distorted bass and you can pair Max models for even more powerful audio. 6 onboard microphones with far-field recognition allow Google Assistant to pick up your commands from afar, and you’ll be able to use your virtual butler to take charge of a suite of other smart home gear in the true spirit of home automation

What Home Automation Devices Works with Google Home?

Smart Thermostats

Save money and energy by controlling the temperature in your home from anywhere at anytime. You can create personalized scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings, or adjust your enabled thermostat right from your mobile phone when weather suddenly changes.  Automating climate control in your smart home is one of the most common starting points.  When you can take things to the next level and use voice commands, life just gets easier and easier.

Smart Lighting

Have your lights adjust in response to other activity across your home. Have the entry light turn on when the door is unlocked.  Stay in control of it all with one mobile app. Adjust your lights on the go, turn schedules on or off, or change to home or away mode for extended savings.

TV and Audio

Home automation doesn’t need to be limited to the workaday basics of lighting and temperature regulation.  Our TV and audio distribution systems can bring clear crisp audio to every room in your home. With an easy to control app you can send wireless music straight from your phone or tablet to the system. Allowing for complete song & volume control from anywhere. You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to entertainment and Google Home beyond that you’ll find on the smart speaker itself.

Smart Locks

Smart locks, as we often point out, are far more about convenience than security. After all, you’re just replacing one form of entry system with another rather than intrinsically ramping up the safety factor.  Keys have been with us for a long time. The ancient Egyptians were the first to secure their doors with keyed locks—with the first instance of a lost key doubtless occurring soon after.

While lock technology has always evolved, only recently did it become smart enough to ditch those keys altogether. Thanks to smart home security technology, we can now enjoy keyless convenience with better awareness and control of who enters our homes.

Smart Video Doorbells

Smart video doorbells offer you the chance to stay informed on who is at your front door even if you’re not at home and you can take full advantage of Google Assistant to automate things even more seamlessly.  Whether you opt for the battery-powered or hardwired model, you’ll be able to take full advantage of Google Assistant to enjoy hands-free control of your entry system.

Smart Security Cameras

You’ve got a wealth of choice when it comes to smart home security. Look out for our upcoming look at whether or not it’s really worth it for a full and frank lowdown.  Full compatibility with Google Assistant provided hands-free control and you’ll also be able to use a full range of other methods from your smart phone and tablet right through to a web browser for complete versatility.

Smart Outlets

Smart plugs are deceptively simple pieces of kit with surprising versatility.  You can automate any plug-in device from a lamp and heater to a fan or coffee maker with simple scheduling or you can also use Google Assistant to turn appliances on and off hands-free.  Whether you prefer to use Google Home or any other Assistant-enabled device, you can bark out a command and the lighting or temperature will change instantly.

Robotic Vacuum

If you’re not sold on the idea of robotic vacuums, have a look at our detailed breakdown right here.  If you’re already sold on the idea of automating your cleaning as well as the operation of your smart home, why not consider the Neato Botvac as an alternative to the ubiquitous iRobot Roomba?

With regular software updates and now controllable with Google Assistant, the Neato Robovac shows that home automation with Google Home really knows no boundaries.

Final Word

We hope this look at what home automation works with Google Home has given you plenty of confidence that investing in one of the trio of smart speakers has far more to offer than simply streaming music or organizing your day with Google Assistant.

We’re constantly updating smart home news to bring you the very best in smart home tech along with plenty of how-to guides and suggestions on streamlining control of your connected home so come back soon.