Camera Troubleshoot Guide

First, let’s run through a couple quick things you should check to see if you can get your camera back online immediately. Then we’ll run through the one of the most common reasons why people’s cameras go offline, and give you the solution!

Check Your Power

It may go without saying, but check to see that your cameras, your router, and other devices are securely plugged in. One of your devices may not be properly connected, or an outlet may be out, causing issues with your camera.

Reboot Your Device

First, try and reboot or power cycle your router. To restart your camera, follow these steps:

– Press the reset button and hold it. After doing this, the light should flash, alternating from red to green. Keep pressing the button until the light is a solid red and turns off. This will take about 15 seconds.

-Release the button and unplug the power source for 10 seconds

Check Your Batteries

The reason your cameras may be offline is due to batteries needing to be replaced. Make sure that your batteries are still good!

Ensure Your Camera Is Within Range

Your video camera may be out of the wireless router’s range depending on where you have it installed, and this may cause a weak signal or cause it to remain offline.

If that’s the case, move the camera closer to the router and try to reconnect to the network. You may also consider a Wifi extender, like the ADT Pulse Wifi Extender, to help extend the range to your camera.

Did You Recently Replace Your Router Or Modem?

One of the most common reasons why people’s cameras are offline is if they replaced their router or modem. If you’ve done this recently, you’ll need to follow these steps to connect your camera again and get it back online.

Here’s how to reconnect your camera to a Wi-Fi network using WPS:

  1. Find the WPS button that is located on the router. (This may be a button with a lock icon or two arrows forming a circle)What Do I Do if My Cameras Are Offline? 2
  2. Find the WPS button located on the camera. It may be labeled with WPS. Hold the WPS button for 2-3 seconds, until the LED light begins to flash.
  3. Next, press the WPS button on the router for 1-6 seconds until the light flashes on the router.
  4. Allow a couple minutes for the router and camera to connect to each other. You’ll notice that the LED light will change from flash blue to a green, and to red. The LED light should stay at one color for a few minutes, then you can continue to step 6.
  5. Depending on the LED color that is reflected on the camera, follow the steps below:

Solid Green – This means that the camera is connected to the internet.

– If you need to troubleshoot because you can’t view live video, power down the camera and then view the live video once the light has turned solid green. Also, double check that the router the camera is connected to has internet connection.

Flashing Green – This indicates that the camera doesn’t have complete internet connection but is still able to speak to the router.

– If you need to troubleshoot, power down the camera for a couple seconds and then reboot it. If it continues to flash green, next power down the router for a couple minutes, then power the router backup and then connect again via WPS.

Solid Red – The camera can’t connect to the network.

-This may mean that the camera is too far away for the WPS to work.

Here’s how to reconnect your camera to the Wi-Fi using an eth