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Virtual Security Guard Services

Keep your home or business safe and secure with BSG’s Virtual Guard Service. Offering complete protection for your property, it is the best way to ensure that everything stays protected and can even act as a crime deterrent!

Virtual security guard services can cut down on guard costs by as much as 90% while offering superior security and outcomes.

How Virtual Security Guards Can Help

Our Virtual Security System is always on guard with power of video surveillance and alarm monitoring! Upon detecting an unwanted intruder, it’ll activate strobe lights and a loud warning siren while instantly notifying the video command center. Rest assured – your location will be kept safe with this reliable security system protecting you.

Remote Guard Tours

Keep your property safe with virtual guard tours! Spot any potential issues, like trespassers or compliance problems like blocked exits. Ensure that shoplifting attempts and spills are taken care of quickly to maintain a secure environment.

Video Verification of Alarm

In order to make sure alarm events are accurately and efficiently identified, our virtual guards take a look at each one. That way they can let law enforcement and important staff members know the facts on any given situation – no false alarms here!

Opening and Closing Escorts

You can rely on us to keep an eye on your business – our virtual guards are always alert and ready with live video, audio and other tools. So you know that when your team arrives and departs, they’ll be safe every step of the way!

AI-Based Anti-Loitering

Keep your store safe with AI-enabled surveillance! Proactively monitor the perimeter after hours to deter vagrancy and vandalism, using IP cameras that detect people or vehicles. Plus – customize pre-recorded warnings for a tailored warning system.

Operational Audits

Imagine a virtual security guard watching over your most important business operations – no matter the time or day of week. This trusted ally is on call 24/7 to capture any operational issues and compliance gaps, with clear video and photographic evidence ensuring that you stay informed every step of the way.

On-Demand Monitoring

Our virtual guards are always on call to help safeguard the wellbeing of employees and business operations. Whether it’s managing cash flow, monitoring perimeter areas or overseeing stocking routines, our remote support will keep everyone secure and up-to-date with any rules that need following!

virtual security guard

Get ready to experience total situational awareness!

Proactive Security

You deserve the best of what alarm monitoring has to offer and traditional systems are no longer cutting it. False alarms, slow police response times, and lost faith in security services all point to one thing: an upgrade to a virtual security guard is necessary for superior protection you can rely on!

Getting Started and Add Advanced Virtual Guard Services

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

Unlock the power of virtual guard services with ease! Just a few clicks and you’re on your way to enhanced security.


We'll plan the perfect system for you

Our savvy solution engineers are on hand to build the ultimate security package for you. They’ll conduct a thorough audit and select features that provide unbeatable protection!


Enjoy peace of mind!

Our comprehensive security system provides the ultimate protection for your home or business, with customized layers of defense you can trust.

No money down

Don’t let a security system price tag keep you from protecting your home.

With approved credit, you can for your system over time at highly competitive rates.   And there’s no need to worry about paying more for additional devices – you can add them to your system without paying anything extra today. So why wait? Invest in your home security today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe and protected.

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