Video Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding BSG video surveillance systems to help determine whether it might be right for your home or business.

Most of us are constantly surrounded by video cameras, in our computers, our phones, our cars, but what about your security system for your home or business? High definition video can be your eyes and ears when you just can’t be there, and it can be a lifesaver if a problem occurs. But how exactly does this whole video surveillance thing work? Here are the top questions we’re asked as well as the answers, so you can determine if a video surveillance system is right for you.

1. What kind of cameras do you use?

Grainy video surveillance is in the past. Our cameras are top of the line and offer a clear, HD picture. Some of our cameras are so clear, they can even capture a license plate.

2. Where does the video go?

We can provide remote video monitoring services from our 24-hour security command center. We can store recordings for up to four weeks with traditional DVR, or choose our cloud storage and save money on hardware.

3. Can I see the cameras on my phone?

Absolutely. We can give you remote video access, so you can log in and view live video from your computer or smartphone. We can even set up video notifications if the motion sensors go off.

4. Will video surveillance replace my current alarm?

No. Your alarm alerts us of a break-in, so authorities can respond immediately. Video cameras help provide the proof courts need to put the criminal away.

5. What type of coverage do you offer? Are there different levels?

Yes. We have a solution to fit almost any budget. There are all different levels of cameras depending on the application. One of our sales representatives will work with you to find a camera that fits your needs and at your price point.

6. Will my family or employees feel strange always being on camera?

Security cameras are now so common that most employees expect their company to have them. We don’t hear complaints from families either, they appreciate the extra sense of security and forget the cameras are even there.

Top 5 Locations for Your BSG Home Security Cameras

The proper placement of security cameras is essential to your home protection. Here are five of the best places to install cameras on your property:

1. Front Door: Placing a camera on your front door is definitely a good idea to protect against break-ins. A camera in this location may help catch a thief attempting to steal your packages or mail. You can also see who’s ringing your bell before you open the door.

2. Back Door: The back door is another common place where break-ins occur.You should install these cameras in plain view. This will show that your home is well protected and help deter potential burglars.

3. Living Room: Hiding a surveillance camera in the living room will allow you to monitor the heart of your home. This is a great option if you have people frequently working in your home, such as house cleaners or babysitters. You may want to opt for a smaller camera that you can easily hide anywhere in the room.

4. Garage: Burglars love garages because you keep so many goodies in them–bikes, tools, lawnmowers, not to mention your vehicle. This is stuff that can be sold quickly. Install a surveillance camera that has a good view of your garage and driveway, and ensure that it’s visible.

5. Backyard: A surveillance camera with combined with night-vision functionality will give you a clear view of your backyard, even in the dark. This is really important if you have a large yard, or if you keep expensive equipment stored in a shed on the property.

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