Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Have you started to make plans? Whether you are planning a special night out with your significant other, planning on staying in or spending it with some family or friends you might want to think about how you can protect your property.

Valentine’s Day is the 2nd most popular day to dine out (with Mother’s Day being the 1st). As you are leaving your home or leaving your babysitter with your children take a couple extra steps to ensure their safety.

Valentine’s Day Safety Tips 2

  1. Use the BSG App: Download and use your app to check in on your home. With your cameras, you will be able to tune in easily to your front door, and even inside the home. Our outdoor/indoor cameras are ways you can constantly have a live feed. Also, you will be able to turn lights on right from your device so when you are out you can switch on the lights randomly to make it seem like a person is doing that.
  2. Set alerts: Did you know? With the app, you can set alerts that notify you on your device. You can set alerts when someone steps on your front porch, someone is in your backyard or even when certain doors open (perfect for kids and even babysitters).
  3. Unique User Codes: Have a babysitter coming to your home for Valentine’s Day? Set them up with a unique code to your security system. This way if they last minute need to go pick up groceries, or take the kids to an afterschool activity, they will be able to easily lock up the house and come back in. The best thing is after they are done you can delete their code to keep your home secure!
  4. Make your Babysitter Comfortable: The best thing you can do is set your babysitter up for success. If you have a frequent babysitter then most likely comfortable with your home and children, but if it’s the last minute, there are a few things you should go over:
    1. Emergency Contact List: Make sure you leave an emergency contact list for them. This should list your cell phones/work numbers but also any close-by relatives or neighbors that could help in case of an emergency.
    2. Give a tour of the home: Before you leave, make sure you give them a tour of your home and property. If there are certain places you keep things like first aid, or the child’s medicine it will be important to point this out. If there are any areas the children are not supposed to make sure to show them, so they know to keep an eye on the children.
  5. Smoke Detectors: This year if you decided to cook at home, make sure you replace your smoke detector batteries. It is easy to get distracted and especially when you are cooking a new meal to impress someone it can get overwhelming. Make sure you replace the batteries to notify you if there is a fire!


With these tips you should have a successful Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day from BSG 855-MYSMARTHOME