Use Indoor Security Cameras to Monitor Mischievous Pets

Pets are family members—sometimes loud, sometimes messy, sometimes dangerously curious family members—like a toddler. And just like any toddler, pets can be mischievous when left alone. They might have an accident on the carpet, chew the furniture, or treat the trashcan as the best toy box ever. Often, the underlying cause of pets’ obnoxious behaviors is separation anxiety. Think of it as a type of destructive boredom. Luckily, there’s an easy way to combat separation anxiety and the resulting bad behaviors in pets. Use an indoor camera to keep tabs on them during the day while you’re at work.

Use Indoor Security Cameras to Monitor Mischievous Pets

Understanding Why Dogs Get Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs can lead to extremely destructive behavior. Dogs are social creatures meant to live in packs. When a dog is separated from the pack (or when you leave for work in the morning), they might become anxious. Once anxiety sets in, a dog might release their inner tension by peeing, chewing, barking, digging, howling, or making every attempt to escape. Sometimes, destructive behavior is a sign that the dog needs to be taught house manners. But, other times, destructive behavior is a sign that the dog is struggling with separation anxiety. If you believe your dog is struggling with separation anxiety, it might be a good idea to install an indoor camera to monitor their behavior while you’re gone. Some indoor cameras even come with a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to even talk to your pet and keep them company while you’re away.

Here are a few more tips from the American Kennel Club that will help your dog stay calm when home alone.

Helping your dog overcome separation anxiety will take work, patience, and understanding. But take heart: separation anxiety simply means that your dog loves you and wants to be near you. When you’re gone, they miss you. To overcome separation anxiety, the American Humane Society also suggests several helpful training techniques that will help your dog behave better while alone.

Use Indoor Security Cameras to Monitor Mischievous Pets

Indoor Security Camera vs. Indoor Pet Camera

Ever heard of the cluttered-kitchen rule? It says that you never want a kitchen tool that only does one job. Because a single-use appliance solves one problem in exchange for adding to the problem of more cluttered space. The latest indoor cameras have several beneficial uses beyond just the lens. Some are even designed with pet-specific features.

Indoor pet cameras like Furbo and Pawbo are great examples of pet-specific indoor cameras. Yes, they’re more expensive than the service should be. You pay a premium to have barking alerts, dog-selfie, and motion detection. If that suits you, great. But a lot of pet owners see Furbo and Pawbo as novelty products that only give you access to the live stream video footage while other indoor cameras give you so much more.

Let them know who’s a good boy.

Still another pro of the indoor pet camera segment is that they can also act as a treat dispenser. From the app that connects to the indoor video camera, you can control when the device dispenses a treat. The treat dispenser can be a real boon to pet owners working to encourage good behavior while their pet is home alone.

Indoor cameras are the best choice for pet owners looking to monitor mischievous pets. Indoor cameras are less expensive and include everything that a Pet Camera promises and more. Simple indoor cameras are wireless and connect quickly to your phone. They give you consistent access to live-streamed footage to your home. Plus they come with two-way audio, which allows you to talk through the camera and calm your pet while you’re away. If your dog barks, the camera can also send you mobile alerts on your smartphone to make you aware of it. And a good indoor camera does more than watch over your pet, they also use motion detection, night vision, 1080p HD video quality, automatic lens distortion correction, and footage that uploads to the Cloud to help protect your home.

Use Indoor Security Cameras to Monitor Mischievous Pets

Best Indoor Camera for Monitoring Pets

When it comes to cameras, they’re not all created equal. If you’re in the market, you want the one that does the job, isn’t too expensive and isn’t designed around superficial novelties.

On that note, check out BSG’s indoor camera. BSG’s indoor cameras are specifically designed to help watch over indoor living spaces day and night.

A few of BSG’s indoor security camera notable features are:

  • Mobile app: When you download the BSG mobile app, you get unlimited access to the camera. The app lets you watch the live camera feed or recorded clips from anywhere.
  • Instant notifications: With the app connected to the camera, you get real-time notifications on your phone. If the camera detects movement in its field of view, sudden noises like barking, or any other trigger event, which you can custom-configure, you will know.
  • 1080p HD resolution: BSG’s camera records video in perfect high-definition. This means no more squinting at the camera, no more zooming in, and no more missed opportunities. Thanks to the video quality, you will always know what is happening in your home.
  • Motion detection: Keep tabs on large dogs in the house and will send real-time alerts to you if an intruder has entered the house.
  • Two-way audio: Got a dog that likes to sleep somewhere they’re not supposed to whenever you’re not looking? With BSG’s built-in two-way audio you can order Rover out of your favorite spot on the couch. Of course, whether or not it works depends on how well the dog’s trained.
  • Night vision: Ever wonder what your pet gets up to while you’re asleep? BSG’s built-in night vision will capture clear recordings of your pet’s neurotic nighttime antics even with the lights out.

These features make the BSG camera an ideal camera for pet monitoring. The camera allows you to leave the house without feeling worried about your dog’s potential separation anxiety. Just remember, your camera needs to be connected to Wi-Fi for you to access the video feed. With the BSG indoor camera, you can feel peace of mind knowing exactly what your dog is doing while you’re away from home.

Outdoor Cameras for Monitoring Outdoor Pets

Outdoor Cameras for Monitoring Outdoor Pets

Not all pets are solely indoor pets. Some homes use doggy doors to allow the dog to enter and exit the home freely. Some dogs are sent outdoors (during appropriate weather) when the owners leave. Keeping tabs on outdoor pets calls for an outdoor security camera. They have all the same features as an indoor security camera—except maybe not two-way talk. The difference is, outdoor cameras are built to withstand the fluctuating heat, cold, dry, and wet conditions of the world outside.


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