[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]O[/fusion_dropcap]verwhelmed with the selection of smart home devices available? From video doorbells to stove & grill guard sensors, smart home security has sure come a long way.

With so many smart devices on the market, it’s hard to know which devices are a good fit for your busy lifestyle. Here are some of the most common home connectivity devices homeowners use as well as some of the lesser known smart home devices that can help to save you time and money.


Video Doorbell:

Your front door is one of the most frequented areas in your home. Between the number of times we come and go from our house each day to the number of package deliveries we receive, it has become a necessity to know what is happening right outside of our home as much as what is happening inside of our home at all times. Video Doorbells offer a multitude of benefits helping you to answer your door from anywhere, see who’s ringing your doorbell, and even speak to who is at your door straight from your smartphone. As an extra layer of protection, Video Doorbells record and save videos when it detects motion allowing you to reuse these video clips for future use.


Unlock the possibilities of keyless entry. A Smart Lock can seamlessly integrate with your smart home security system giving you control to your front door from anywhere, remotely. Create temporary access codes and never need to worry about giving out an extra key again. You can even establish Scenes within your Alarm.com app so when you get home and unlock your door, your security system disarms and your lights turn on automatically.


Smart Lighting is a great entry-point for those looking to test the waters of smart home connectivity. Whether using a smart bulb, smart plug, or smart switch, Smart Lights are easy to install and fun to control. When connected to your smart home, you can control your home’s lights from an app and even setup Scenes so your lights turn on when your security system disarms. A versatile device, Smart Lights are an affordable option helping to keep your home safe even while you are away.


Stove & Grill Guard Sensor:

Do you ever worry if you accidentally left on your stove or grill burner? New to market, Stove & Grill Guard Sensors help to protect against the threat of accidentally leaving your stove or grill burners on, an accidental knob being turned on, gas leaks, or propane loss. In the event a burner is unintentionally left on, the homeowner would receive an alert notifying them immediately. These sensors are particularly helpful for those who have young children in the household or an elderly parent living with them.

Water Leak Sensor:

Positioned by household appliances that use a lot of water such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines, Water Leak Sensors can help protect you against costly home damage. When detecting a water leak from a pipe or water, these sensors will send you a drip notification and when there is unusual water pooling at the top of the sensor, you will also receive a notification letting you know water has been detected where it doesn’t belong.

Freeze/Flood Sensor:

Water damage caused to homes can cost hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in home damage repair costs. Dual Freeze/Flood Sensors can help alleviate the worry of wondering if and when a pipe may burst. These sensors will send you a notification when temperatures around pipes and other water handling appliances are reaching freezing temperatures, before they burst or crack. As an added bonus, you will also be notified if water is detected.

Smart home technology not only protects your home and all your loved ones, but it also provides an opportunity to simplify your life. Still unsure how a smart home security system can benefit you? Contact our team​ today to schedule a complimentary smart home consultation.