Winter in Texas is always rapidly changing and the beautiful holiday weather can quickly turn into headaches and increased costs for your home if you don’t prepare properly.

Since our beginning 1995 as a local security company here in San Antonio, we have seen some crazy winters, hot and cold. Here are 5 tips to winterize your home for the coming months:


  1. Draft Guards for Doors– An easy and affordable solution to saving money and staying warm this winter to is place draft guards or even rolled towels under doors. This can help save heat from escaping under the door, which is a major exit point.
  2. Clean your Gutters– Ensuring that water can flow freely through your gutters prior to the cold weather will help prevent ice and ice dams from forming. This can be done in an afternoon and could help save you a bid headache and a lot of money.
  3. Replace Filters– If you haven’t done in so in a while, it is a good idea to change the filters in your central air and heating system. This improves the performance of your heating system, reduces the amount of dust blowing around your home, and should save you money.
  4. Flush your Water Heater– Over time, sediment collects in the bottom of your water heater which prevents the unit from running at maximum efficiency. Flushing the water through the drain valve should clear out the sediment, increase the life of your water heater, and prevent a nasty cold shower
  5. Smart Thermostat– Install a smart thermostat with a professional home security system saves money by reducing the temperature while you’re not at home. BSG’s Smart Thermostat was designed for crazy schedules and spur-of-the-moment activities.

    You can control your smart thermostat from anywhere on your smartphone, or let it adapt to your life as you go. Save energy when you’re away, and get the house warm when you’re heading home. No more wasted energy when you’re out for the night, and no more getting in from work to a cold house.

BSG will help save you money and protect you from environmental and home invasion threats. Securing your home this winter from natural elements and burglars alike is as easy as having a 15 minute chat with one of team members. For more home automation and safety subscribe to our home security blog.

Click or tap below learn more about all the ways the award-winning security service offered by BSG can help give you peace of mind this winter!

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