Is your home security PIN easy to guess? With four digits you have exactly 10,000 choices — and some are stronger than others. This article suggests do’s and don’ts for personal identification numbers.

Security PIN Don’ts

The best home security PINs are easy for you to remember yet difficult for others to guess. Therefore the worst PINs are 1) common or 2) easy to guess with research about your household. Here are examples of PINs to avoid.

Security PIN Do’s

With so many don’ts, what’s left? Here are tips for choosing a home security PIN that’s memorable but can’t easily be compromised.

Extra Security PIN Tips

For extra PIN security, be sure that your alarm control panel isn’t in view of prowlers, including prowlers with binoculars.

Be sure to clear your fingerprints or other signs of control pad wear. If you leave prints on a touchscreen control panel, you could make it easy for an intruder to narrow down the possibilities for your PIN. With push button control panels, occasionally changing your PIN can help ensure that all the buttons wear evenly.

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