The Many Advantages of Having Smart Door Locks

Technology has currently evolved and transformed some of the many things we do into a more efficient and safe alternative. A few decades ago, mobile phones used to contain data guarded by only a 4-digit pin; now, smart phones can use patterns, numbers, letters and others regardless of the number of characters. The technological advancements made on phones are also done on almost everything that we use on a daily basis.

Most people are familiar with the traditional lock and key, since it has been the most basic safety and security measure ever built. Everyone is familiar with the invention of padlocks and other mechanisms that protect homes and offices, but not everyone has noticed technology’s boost and upgraded security in smart locks.

Integration of Technology for Added Safety

It sounds very complicated and intimidating, but the concept is actually pretty simple. It doesn’t change how you go about your day to day life, it just gives you added awareness on who arrives or leaves using the advanced door lock that you have installed. BSG’s smart locks comes with a corresponding mobile application that gives a variety of features such as notifications through text messaging, e-mail or push when someone has opened the door.

The Preference for Smart Door Locks

These days, everyone has a mobile smart phone device. The integration of smart door technology with added features such as biometrics scanning, keypad password, card swipe and other functionalities allow the owners to simply trust that the only persons who can go through the door, are those that have been authorized to do so.

A reason why people prefer having smart door locks over traditional ones is the integration to other home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home IFTTT and Nest. With a combination of sound-detecting software and advanced locking mechanisms, your home or office is bound to be safer from intruders, and you’ll always know when someone unauthorized has gained access into your house.

The best smart locks have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features so the integration with your smart home devices will run smoothly. You will immediately get a security alert or notification when a door is opened, especially if you have set that you weren’t expecting any guests or family members to come home at around that time.

The Price for Security

Smart door locks are definitely notable technological advancements that have raised the bar in safety and security. Hotels, office buildings and homes have them, but some areas still use the traditional locks. You might wonder why some places haven’t upgraded from the traditional door locks and updated into the latest smart lock. Like all technologically-upgraded gadgets and gizmos, a smart lock is more expensive than a traditional lock but the added security is well worth the price.  Call a BSG expert today to learn more 855-MYSMARTHOME.