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The Benefits of Installing Smart Locks

The Benefits of Installing Smart Locks

Smart locks are a type of electronic lock that can be opened using a smartphone or a voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They offer several benefits over traditional locks, including: Convenience: With a smart lock, you don’t need to carry a key around with you. Instead, you can use your smartphone […]

Get Peace of Mind: Entrust Your Home Security to the Pros

smart home security system

As professionals, we’re busier than ever and devoting more and more time to work. This means we are at home less, and our property and families could be vulnerable to thieves looking for an easy, untended mark. Your absence also leaves your home vulnerable to fire, flood, or other environmental events. A lot of us […]

4 Ways Seniors Can Live Independently Longer With Smart Devices

smart home security for seniors

My fiercely independent parents have survived various strains on their health, and miles between the rest of the family for many years. Yet, with the recent surgery my mother has weathered and the Diabetes that my grandfather fights daily, their children are struggling with these obstacles and the worry that accompanies them. Many in my […]

Deter Burglars with Smart Lights

Deter Burglars with Smart Lights When most homeowners think of home security systems, they think of sensors, alarms, and security cameras. While these are all important parts of an effective home security strategy, one of the most obvious ways to keep your home safe and deter burglars is something you use every day: your lights. […]

Reducing After-School Worries with BSG Smart Home Security

Reducing After-School Worries with BSG Smart Home Security When you (and the laws in your state) decide that your tween can handle a of couple hours on their own after school, it’s an exciting step for you both. Your growing tween is happy because he’s earned another piece of independence. You get a celebratory fist […]

Home Protection Starts with the Front Door

I’m going to break every rule I’ve ever heard about safety and not oversharing on the internet (but it’s for a good cause I promise!) Here it goes: when I was growing up, we never, ever locked our doors. I grew up in a small town and we had close neighbors. My parents were not […]

How to integrate Google Home and Siri with your System

Google Home and Siri voice commands for work as a new voice control integration that lets you control your home through Google Home as well as activate Scenes and by talking to Siri using customizable voice ‘shortcuts’. These shortcuts integrate into your existing routines and reflect how you naturally talk, making it even […]

What Is Home Automation? Smart Home

Home automation allows you to access the devices in your home from virtually anywhere in the world. While this term is often used for isolated programmable devices like sprinklers and heating systems — home automation more accurately refers to a residence in which nearly everything is hooked up to a remote network. Until recently, it […]

The Best Smart Home Option for Builders

Consumers are demanding that their new homes come with smart home technology. Builders are usually left not sure what direction to go when it comes to technology. Should they still pre-wire the house? Should they include a smart thermostat or doorlock? What will the hub be? These and several other questions often leave builders confused […]


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