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Stopping Porch Pirates With A Video Doorbell

Stopping Porch Pirates With A Video Doorbell

Stopping Porch Pirates With A Video Doorbell

When November arrives, your front door can become a very busy place. Kids are back in school, rushing in and out every day to catch the bus, packages arriving regularly – especially for those early Christmas shoppers that have an Amazon Prime account (Christmas already?!?!). It’s no wonder why the video doorbell has become such a “must-have” device with smart home systems. Being able to see what’s going on at your front door allows you to get things done and never miss a beat.

The Skybell Video Doorbell is fully integrated into the mobile application. This means you can control and access your smart home system from a single application. With the Skybell integration, you can even answer the front door on your smart phone and unlock it in a single motion.

When a guest happens to ring your video doorbell, you will get an alert on your smartphone. When you open your app, you will see a live video feed of your front door. With the onboard microphone and speaker, you can have a conversation with your guests no matter where you happen to be. While the camera will show you a live video stream of your guests, they will not be able to see you, or know if you are at home or sitting in a pumpkin patch on the other side of town.



Since Amazon seemingly took over the world in the 2010’s, it seems like anywhere you go, there are piles of smiling boxes on doorsteps. Without a video doorbell, you will never know when these packages arrive. Without being able to communicate with the delivery man, you can’t tell them to hide those packages out back, or in a more discreet area hidden from prying eyes.

Porch piracy is only getting worse, and the only real deterrent to help stop these scurvy dogs is a video doorbell. While the delivery man will be impressed by your video doorbell, the potential package thieves will take notice too. They are more likely to skip your home if you have that bright blue Brinks Home Security sign and Skybell video doorbell staring them down.

Choosing the right video doorbell for your home can be challenging, and getting your video doorbell installed can be costly and time consuming. We have easy solutions and custom installed packages. Call today to talk with a customer care representative who can walk you through the steps and provide answers to all your questions. We will come up with the perfect solution to your smart home or business


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