The only way to stay 100% safe at public events is to never go to one.  We all know that is not possible, nor should we let fear consume us to the point that we shut ourselves off from the world.

While the odds are against the majority of us ever being in a catastrophic event, we should be prepared for common events that could take place at public events:

Less common, but much more traumatic occurrences are mass casualty events such as shootings and car-rammings. While we grieve and mourn the loss of so many of our fellow citizens, we should all prepare a plan that one day may save each other’s lives.

Precautions to Take Before Attending Large Events:

Red Flags to Watch For During Large Events:

If You Find Yourself Amidst a Shooting in a Public Place:

If You Find Yourself Amidst a Bombing or Car Ramming in a Public Place:

REMEMBER: Your safety is the most important priority.