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Stay Updated With Home Security Notifications

A man sets his alarm on his home security panel at his new house

Stay Updated With Home Security Notifications

Years ago, home security systems made the best of the technology that was available at the time. While they were excellent at alerting neighbors and the central monitoring station that something had gone awry, beyond a blaring alarm, it was always difficult to tell what had set the alarm off.

A typical alarm trigger would result in the homeowner getting a call at work. Inevitably, the call would result in frightening the homeowner by letting them know that their alarm was sounding but no one knew why, creating confusion over whether the police should respond, and causing the homeowner to have to go rushing back to their house to see what was going on.

But with today’s home security notifications, those days are over.

Home Security Notifications Keep You Connected

Today’s home security notifications put an end to all of that hassle. They also greatly reduce the incidence of unnecessary police visits when there’s a false alarm. When something unusual happens that triggers your home security system, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone letting you know the exact nature of the alarm.

Did the front door open while the alarm was set? Was a glass break sensor triggered in the living room? Could it be a burglar, your teenager arriving home and forgetting the code to disarm the alarm, or a cat knocking a glass vase off of a table? You’ll know exactly what set off the alarm and can even check in on your home and family via your integrated surveillance camera feed to find out whether police or rescue personnel need to respond.

Here are a few of the specific ways that home security notifications and updated home security technology have changed homeowners’ lives for the better.

Individual Door/Window Sensors

Instead of a general alarm telling you that something somewhere has been opened when it should be closed, today’s home security systems are more detailed. They’ll send you home security notifications telling you that the back door or upstairs second bedroom window has been opened. Whether it’s a genuine security threat or a midnight escape attempt by your teenager, you’ll be able to make a quick decision about sending police to your home.

Remote Arming/Disarming

Smartphone security technology also gives you mobile home control over smart door locks, letting you allow people in and out of your home while you’re away. If the cable repairman will arrive a half hour before you do, unlock the front door and let him inside. This feature is also helpful if everyone rushes out of the house in the morning and forgets to lock the doors. Not a problem — secure things with a touch of a button right from your desk at the office.


Especially if you’ve got a family, it can be tough keeping track of everyone as they come and go. Geo-fencing technology lets you know when everyone leaves in the morning so that you can lock your doors and set the alarm.   Your smartphone app can even remind you to arm your system once you have left the geo-fence! It will also send you notifications as people arrive back within the perimeter — a great way to be assured that all of your kids are home from school and accounted for.

Loss/Restoration of Power

Losing power when you’re away can cause a whole host of problems. If you have elderly family members or pets at home, temperature control is a real issue. It’s also unnerving to come home to a dark house — and a dark refrigerator — and not know how long all of that food has been getting warmer and warmer. Home security notifications about loss/restoration of power take the guesswork out of this, letting you know exactly when your home loses power and telling you the moment it’s turned back on.

Smart Thermostat

Finally, modern home security technology allows you to control your smart thermostat from afar. Whether you want to lower the temperature without getting out of bed at night or an unexpected cold front means you need to turn up the heat for Rover while you’re at work, this is one of the many ways that home security notifications and technology allow you to stay connected and in control even when you’re far away.

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