Can you name a more versatile, valuable business tool than the average smartphone?

We can. It’s a smartphone with the BSG for Business app.

A smart business security system, powered by BSG, includes a top-rated smartphone app that puts control of your security, access and other operational essentials at your fingertips. It gives you a direct line of sight to what’s happening at work, keeping you connected and in the know wherever you are.

Business owners consider their BSG app an essential business tool. Here are five reasons why.

1: Security without the doorway dash

Stay in Control with the BSG for Business App 1

There’s only one way to turn an older alarm system on: use the keypad, then make a fast exit.

With smart business security, a couple of taps on your BSG for Business app is all it takes to arm your security system for the night. You can also take your time to lock up and leave before you turn the alarm on. That stressful closing-time “doorway dash” will soon be a distant memory.

Worried that your employees will forget to arm the system when you’re not there? Set up a smartphone reminder or use our auto-arming option for extra peace of mind.

2: Alerts that keep you in the know